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What is Krav Maga training and the core principles that it works on?

People have been asking one basic question to know what is Krav maga, it is a combat martial art. There are several krav maga online courses that you can opt for.

Have you ever heard of Krav Maga? If yes, you probably know why it is known as the best self-defense system. This self-defence martial art was introduced by Israel Defense Forces veteran Imi Lichtenfeld. He made this training that basically includes hand-to-hand combat which was used by training military personnel back in the time. These days the martial art is taught everywhere, in schools as well as people call up personal trainers to learn the techniques at home. If the question is put up as to what is Krav Maga’, the answer would be simple, it is simply a martial art that is a blend of aikido, boxing, wrestling, judo, and karate techniques. The basic movements that are taught include attacking or defending against punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and grappling. To know more about what is Krav Maga, there are 5 basic principles to look at which are utilized in the martial art; 

  1. Identifying the danger immediately, this is taught through techniques that make you sharpen your senses and awareness to detect the threat without any delay.
  2. Using the natural reactions of your body to attack the possible danger and to counter their attacks.
  3. With Krav Maga, the principle that is crucial one is to learn the defending and counter-attacking simultaneously to quickly finish the fight and to self-defend yourself.  
  4. Targeting the most vulnerable areas when you are counter-attacking makes the enemy lose their confidence and give them adverse pain so that they give you a chance to run and defend yourself.
  5. The size and strength of your body matter less if you are able to effectively perform the techniques because doing that correctly will ensure your defence against armed threats. 

Due to Covid-19, the world has faced such uncertainty that has countered the term called ‘regular lifestyle’. However, there is no stoppage that could come between the matter of safety and defence. Thus, Krav Maga System has been giving online training to all age and gender groups. There are regular live sessions as well that are given online on social media platforms as well such as Facebook and Instagram. It is most beneficial for the people who may have due to some reason left the training in the middle or has gathered the courage to learn the tactics and self defend themselves. Subscribe to a krav maga online course, that you feel suits you better because you need time to adjust the training sessions with your regular activities throughout the day. The krav maga online course shall include everything that teaches you about the principles and the movements of the martial art. 

Krav Maga is also known as “contact combat”. Not all martial art techniques are suitable for people of any age, shape, size, fitness level, but Krav Maga is. There is no doubt several rules have to be followed alongside the learning required movements. It is up to the trainer, how effectively they teach you and that you grasp the best of all the training and start practicing to implement the same in your real life. 

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