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What Is The Difference Between Perfume And Body Spray?

There has always been a tug of war between a deodorant and perfume. If you are feeling confused while choosing between them, this blog is just for you. Read ahead to know more.

The tug of war between perfumes and deodorants for the winner title is never-ending. Some swear by perfumes to be amazing, while others claim deodorant is a lifesaver in need. Anyone who cannot stand smelling bad will have both in their vanity. Yet, no one can decide on just one. We have tried to simplify the differences to help to understand these two classic fragrance products,

How To Choose Between Deodorant And Perfume?

If you are not sure which one is better or suits your needs, we have tried to explain the pros and cons of both here. What makes perfume and deodorant spray different from each other? Understanding this simple point will help you in choosing the best choice. Some of the factors that set perfumes apart from deodorants

Where To Apply?

This is one of the most significant differences between the two. Fragrances like Bombshell perfume can be sprayed anywhere you like on your body. You can spray it on your hair, clothes, and skin according to your comfort. You will not have any ill effects because of this. But, when it comes to deodorants, you can spray them only on your skin. One should never spray them on the clothes as it can damage the colour of the clothes. Your clothes will have discoloured patches if you spray them with deo regularly. Apart from this, spraying deo on your hair can make them dry and frizzy.

Perfume Essence Concentration:

Deodorants are perfumed products with the lowest essence concentration. After this comes the moisturizers and lotions. Depending on the quality you have, the essence can vary between 2-5% in deodorants. While perfumes can have more than 5% depending on the quality. Eau de colognes have 5%, Eau de toilette has 5-10% and Eau de parfum has more than 15% essence. Any perfumed product smells vivid and lasts long if it has a high essence concentration.

Perfume Lasting:

Perfumes have a base of alcohol and oil base of fragrance essence. This helps the perfumes to last longer on your skin. The higher the essence concentration, the longer it will last. Perfumes like #Bombshell Eau de parfum for women have an 18% essence concentration. This will allow the scent to last up to 24 hours. Contrary to this, deodorants have a 2-5% essence concentration in a gaseous base. The moment you apply them, it gives a strong aroma at first but soon after it evaporates.

Range Of Fragrances:

When it comes to the variety of scents, perfume is a winner. The composition of a perfume allows perfumers to create a wide range of scents. You can get scents for every season, every mood, ranging from light to strong. But with deodorants, there is a limited variety. Some perfume brands try to make body sprays in the fragrance of their popular perfume range. Yet, the gaseous base is not able to smell as vibrant as a perfume.

Perfume Cost :

Perfumes are usually on the expensive side. This is because of the fragrance essence quality and quantity. While deodorants are available at a low price, they are unable to give you a lasting scent. For one bottle of perfume, you will need three bottles of deodorants. You can decide between the two according to your budget.

Effect On Sweat And Smell:

This is one aspect where deodorants are always better than perfume. Deodorants have anti-bacterial properties while some have antiperspirant properties. This way you can reduce your sweat as well as avoid body stink. Contrary to this, perfumes can only make you smell good. They do not affect your sweating or the smell of sweat. Hence, if you do not have body odour issues or sweating concerns, perfume is great for you. Otherwise, it is better to go with deodorants.

Choose What You Need:

The main deciding factor for selecting one among deodorant and perfume is the need. If you need a lasting fragrance and make your personality stand out, perfume is for you. But if you wish to control your excessive sweating and smell, deodorants are your partner. There are several options available in the market for both of them. Some international brands supply non-alcoholic and highly perfumed body sprays. However,these are not at all at par with fragrance given by perfumes.

According to the experts, it is better to use both to get the best of both worlds. Get deodorant with no smell or similar scent to your perfume. This way you can get rid of your sweat, kill smell-causing bacteria, and enjoy a lasting aroma with perfume. This layering trick can also help in enhancing the aroma of the perfume, making it last for a bit more. So, now you know which one is better and how you can enjoy both. Grab the best perfumes available with Indian brands like Perfumer’s Club. Pair it with an antiperspirant and you will never smell bad.

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