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What Kids Toys Must be Owned by Babies Aged 0-4?

Today, let us recommend the category of toys for 0-4 years old in the wholesale kids toy. In the future, parents can choose easily.

In recent years, because of the emphasis on education, more and more parents have begun to pay attention to the important role of intellectual development in the growth of their babies. Among them, educational toys have become the first choice of many treasure parents because they can allow babies to increase their knowledge and develop their potential during the game. Today, let us recommend the category of toys for 0-4 years old in the wholesale kids toy. In the future, parents can choose easily.

  1. Stacking Stone Toys

    This wooden colorful stacked stone toy is composed of 30 irregularly shaped wooden colorful stones. Its clever design makes this toy more diverse, allowing babies to stack and create as they please, stacking up different shapes. Throughout the process of grasping and stacking, it can improve the baby's hand-eye coordination ability, help them identify colors and recognize sizes, and establish their sense of balance and independent creative ability.

  2. Jigsaw Toys

    Jigsaw are usually divided into closed puzzles and open puzzles. The characters divide the closed jigsaw puzzle into many irregular shapes, while the open jigsaw puzzle consists of geometric figures of different shapes. Today I mainly recommend a closed puzzle-a large puzzle for children.

    Large puzzles for toddlers are specially designed for young babies. The themes are construction tools, farm animals, forest animals and land transportation, English letters, etc., with bright colors and rich patterns. During the game, you can provide a small number of puzzles for the baby first, and then provide a large number of puzzles to gradually increase the difficulty of the game.

  3. Shape Classification Toys

    The shape classification is generally a larger cube box with holes of different shapes on the top or side. When playing, find a wooden block with the same shape as the hole, and put the wooden block into the box. In this process, it can not only attract the baby's interest in games, but also exercise the baby's fine hand movements. This shape classification box can not only strengthen children's understanding of different colors and shapes, but also cultivate children's observation ability and hand-eye coordination. Let the children practice mosaic and learn to find the corresponding relationship.

  4. Role-playing Toys for Toddlers

    This toy is the first step for every baby to connect with society. In fact, it is a bit similar to junior role-playing. Role-playing toys are definitely one of the children's favorite toys. Role-playing allows babies to experience scenes encountered in real life, recognize new things, stimulate their imagination and creative thinking, become familiar with social life and build self-confidence. What we recommend is the kitchen dollhouse toy:

  5. Color Memory Matches

    This memory chess is composed of a total of 24 pieces of six colors, a board and a dice, with four pieces of each color. Color memory chess pieces can exercise the following abilities of children:
    • Exercise children's mental growth:

      it can cultivate children's patience and stimulate children's imagination
    • Communicative ability:

      Let children play together, inspire each other, and cultivate children's ability to get along with others
    • Cognitive ability:

      This toy helps to cultivate children's cognitive ability and enrich children's knowledge

Toys are the "good partners" that many infants and young children cannot do without. When buying toys, the factors parents must consider are entertainment and aesthetics. However, buy more and more expensive toys are never the best choice. They are different from picture books, which can be read repeatedly and will be different at different stages. For the baby's age matching, toys are more effective. If you buy it improperly, it will not only waste money but also destroy your baby's IQ!


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