Pasco Car Accident Lawyer

What must one do after a car mishap?

The following steps must be executed by the ones who had a car crash:


  • Firstly, you must verify the injuries that you had from the impact.
  • After that, if you are hurt, call the cops or ask someone to execute it.
  • Secondly, one must check for the safety of the co-passengers.
  • If you are not too wounded to relocate, check for the other passengers in your car.
  • Moreover, if someone is harmed, call on the phone to the ambulance
  • On the other hand, check for your safety.
  • Next, if you can move, proceed to the other side of the road or a sidewalk.
  • If your car is safe to drive, park it to the side of the road.
  • Or else, leave it where it was and move yourself to safety.
  • If hurt or not, make sure to call the cops to make the report.
  • As they will come to the location and then examine the accident spot.
  • They will prepare a crash report, then make sure to receive a copy.
  • The next step is to wait for help.
  • Off your engine, on hazard lights, and use the flashes in the car kit to alert vehicles to slow down.
  • Then try to swap the information.

After ensuring you and your people are safe, swap contact and insurance info with the other driver.

  1. Full name and contact info
  2. Insurance company and policy number
  3. Driver's license and plate number
  4. Type, color, and vehicle model
  5. Location of crash

And then contact a  Car Accident Lawyer in Pasco, who can support you legally with the courts proceedings.

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