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What should I check before buying a second hand mobile?

Second hand mobiles are low cost and can be easily available on classified sites but there are certain things we need to check and verify before buying them.

Used phones are to be checked and verified before buying because as there is a huge demand in the sales of used mobile phones, few people taking advantage of the opportunity to get easy money in return they try to sell their faulty or damaged phone without letting you know and they offer the phone at a very good price and they try to attract the customer and after buying and using the phone for a month or less the phone will start slowing down or battery issue or other technical or hardware issue and now its too late to contact the seller to return their item. We are left with no other choice to use that same old phone or repair the phone on your expenditure.

Not all second hand phones need to be checked thoroughly. If you are buying a second hand mobile phone from a certified seller then you can get a 1-year warranty on the mobile phone and in the worst case if the phone cannot be repaired then your product can be replaced by the certified seller. If you are buying a used mobile from a third-party seller then be very careful as it may not have a warranty on the phone and there is a high chance of getting a damaged phone. Be very careful while buying a smartphone from a third-party seller.

What to check before buying a second hand mobile?

  1. Research: Before buying a used phone first do some research on the phone, check the review of the phone, what are the common problems faced by the people, read all the reviews related to the phone. Research will help you to buy a better phone.
  2. Documents: It is most important to check the documents of the phone as it might be a fake or stolen phone. Don't buy a phone which doesn’t have proper documents.
  3. Display & Touch Response: Check the brightness of the phone from low to high, Check the display of the phone, Look carefully if the screen is flickering or it has bad quality light, and also check the touch response by using the phone continuously for some time.
  4. Physical Damage: Check for physical damage on the phone. Look out for scratches, broken tempered glass, or cracked screens, or look out for other internal or external damages. If there are frequent scratches on the phone then it might be roughly used or it might have got damaged frequently. Avoid buying these types of phones.
  5. Battery: Check whether the phone is charging or not or the data cable is working or not. Even if the phone is charging remember to look out how fast it is charging, if it is charging up slowly then, the USB cable might be a defective one or the charger else the battery might be faulty and needed replacement.
  6. Audio Jack: Check the audio jack and quality of the audio. If the sound quality is not upto the mark then it has a faulty jack.
  7. Sim card and SD card slot: Check the sim card both slot1 and slot2 and then insert sim and turn on mobile data, make calls and messages. Besides the sim slot or within the sim slot there might be a place for an SD card, insert an sd card and check whether the phone is detecting the card or not.
  8. Fake Phone: Check for fake or clone phones. Go to Settings and check the software version and last updated or check the hardware specification of the phone inside the setting menu.
  9. Stolen Phone: There are huge numbers of stolen phones available in the black market as well as in the normal markets. Most of the stolen phones do not have proper documents and avoid buying these types of phones.
  10. Price: As you might have done some research before deciding which used mobile phone to buy. So pay the price according to the condition and usage of the phone. Do not overpay for the mobile whose condition might not be up to a standard level.

Which second hand phone should I buy?

There is no such specific brand if you are deciding to buy a second hand phone because if you want to buy a used phone then the condition of the phone should be good & how good is the phone running? How long it has been used? Everybody wants to buy good used mobile phones for personal as well as general use, we cannot buy a phone seeing a specific brand and even if you buy it, then it is a bad decision because it might look good but you have no idea how it is gonna work for long term use.

  • Phone that is in well-maintained condition.
  • Always try to buy a phone that is used for less time.
  • The battery backup of the phone must be good.
  • The phone must be working and running smoothly without getting frozen or getting stuck while using the phone.
  • Always try to buy a phone that has a warranty included or if you can get insurance for the phone it is much better.

Which is the best place to buy & sell mobile phones?

You can sell & buy used phones on classified sites like Cifiyah. It is one of the most trusted sites to buy and sell your products easily and securely. You can get huge varieties and options to buy cheapest smartphones, refurbished iPhones, used iPhones and you can also get good and better cell phone deals & latest gadgets deals than any other classified site. You get good deals from online sellers rather than offline sellers.

You can post free ads on classified websites to sell or buy used phones easily. If you are new to the site then, Register and post an advertisement of the product that you want to want to sell and mention all the details of the product including a good photo of the product and fix the desired price at which rate you want to sell used mobiles and wait for interested customers to contact you directly through mail or phone number that you have mentioned it in the advertisement.








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