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What To Consider While Acquiring LED TV In 2021

If you have been having a tough time picking from the vast collection of high-definition and 4K Ultra HD sets in shops, here are the key things that you ought to consider to create the best option.

So if you have been having a tough time picking from the vast collection of high-definition and 4K Ultra HD sets in shops, here are the key things that you ought to consider to create the best option.

Smart TV, LED, OLED, 4K, and HDR are numerous televisions available on the marketplace. The entire world of TVs is updating daily and is becoming a little confusing too. So in case you've been having a tough time picking from a broad array of high-heeled and 4K Ultra HD sets in shops, here are the key things that you ought to think about to make the best choice.

We are here with our TV buying guide to assist you in deciding.

The most critical factor in any TV is - The Display. And among the screen, there is a lot to think about concerning panel technology. Choose from an array of technology, such as plasma screen or even standard LCD; there are still plenty of new display technologies such as OLED and QLED that may confound buyers. Here are the principles that go into every favorite screen technology.


Widely considered to be the most readily available screen technology these days, OLED will also be the most expensive type of television. The technology employs individual organic pixels which emit light when an electrical current passes through it. OLED TVs are known for having the most acceptable black levels, as areas of the display that are black can switch off, even while other areas of the screen are lit.


The most widely used TV screen technology, LED-LCD or LED as it's usually marketed, is the same liquid crystal screen but using LED backlighting. This permits the TV to be slimmer and sport smaller borders around the screen, and provides a richer screening experience. Additionally, it is much more energy-efficient than CCFL backlighting, making this the favorite display today.

Quantum Dot

Often called QLED, a marketing term made famous by Samsung, is a relatively new screen technology that uses quantum dots to produce colored light. This uses a quantum dot coating that's said to improve brightness and colors on the TV. Quantum Dot LED displays are much better than standard LED-LCD screens, coming close to OLED screens in many ways on functionality.

This is a relatively new, rare, and expensive display technology. It's heavily encouraged by Samsung for some of its high-end TVs, with the pricing of those options just a bit lower than that of OLED TVs ordinarily. Samsung is not the only one from the marketplace with this technology.

Screen Size of those TV

Whether you want to buy a primary or high-heeled TV, the essential factor to think about will probably be the display size. Think about the number of people in your family who view the television at one given time and where you want to place it at home. Then pick the display size that will fit smoothly into that area along with your budget.

Screen size a fantastic rule of thumb is that you ought to sit at a distance in the TV that is three times more than the height of the display for HD and only 1.5 times the screen height for 4K Ultra HD. Therefore, you could sit as close to a 4K UHD TV.

Although 4K content remains not that readily available, you might want a higher-resolution tech if you're planning to sit close to quite a large display. Precisely, choose a display size and resolution suitable for the space you will sit from the screen.

Display Resolution

Resolution Describes the number of pixels required to make up the image on a screen. To get a very long time full HD was the standard kind of TV and is still the most frequent resolution in TVs accessible worldwide. However, TV makers are producing Ultra HD sets. All these have four times the amount of pixels as present HD TV screens.

The most significant advantage of 4K television is that small objects on the screen have significantly more detail, such as sharper text. On the whole, the graphics look wealthier and more life-like as compared to the ones on an HD TV.

Together with the Technological progress, you will find 8K TVs also accessible in the market now. These displays quadruple the resolution seen on 4K sets, offering a giant leap forward in picture quality, but locating content to entirely take advantage of the more excellent solution is extremely limited.

Refresh Rate: The faster, the better it is the refresh rate, mentioned and measured in Hz, explains how often a photo is refreshed on the screen per second. The conventional refresh rate is 60 times per second. However, in scenes and rapidly moving things, a 60 Hz refresh rate may make things look blurry, mainly on LCD HD TVs. So, to create a more solid image, manufacturers have massively improved the refresh rate.

Some new versions boast of a High-Frame Rate service, which means they have a higher refresh rate combined with additional support for content with greater than 60 Hz frame rates. Specifically, gamers will find a lot out of a 60Hz TV, but most TV shoppers shouldn't purchase a TV with less than a 120Hz refresh rate.

HDMI, Connections, and more options

In your Hustle of purchasing a TV, do make sure to pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs that a set has. These ports can be used in many ways, like a good pub, a chrome throw, and a game console.

Should you decide to take the plunge and get a 4K Ultra HD, make sure; the vents on the TV also support HDMI 2.0 to accommodate prospective Ultra HD sources? Many TVs on the market have just one interface that supports the 4K backup protection scheme called HDCP 2.2.

Smart TVs or Not

Just as Mobile phones have evolved into smartphones, the concept of the smart TV is also gaining speed. And just like smartphones get their smart status of becoming smart due to their connectivity and access to programs, LED TV price in Bangladesh are made elegant by precisely the same connectivity level. TV price in Bangladesh can connect to the internet to fetch content and services directly, without the need for an external device like a set-top box, USB drive, streaming dongle, or Blu Ray player.

Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh have built-in apps that allow the TV to use its internet and fetch content. A Lot of TVs have a built-in Internet browser, which permits users to visit sites. TV manufacturers often use different intelligent working systems and overlays to their TVs, which come with support for various apps and solutions or are specifically made for ease of navigation using a standard TV remote. Popular streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube have unique apps built for Samsung LED TV price in Bangladesh, allowing users direct access to such services.

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