What to expect from your Mobile App Builder : Checklist for 2020

A native mobile app creates a platform for businesses to connect with their customers without any gatekeepers. But getting a native application for your website shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket.

Mobile apps are changing the face of e-commerce across the globe. With more than 2.47 million apps on Google Play Store and more than 1.8 million apps on Apple’s App Store, the growing number of mobile phone users is shaping businesses and becoming the source of revenue around the world.

If you have also decided to get an app for your website, you don’t really need to go through the strenuous process of spending much on technicians and waiting for ages for the app. Instead, you can just take the modern road and build your own app with a DIY online app builder.

However, with changing trends, the app builder checklist has also evolved. Read further to know what you should expect from your app builder to create the best app in the coming year.

External features and offerings to seek

From signing up for the platform to publishing the app on store, your entire experience should be smooth and easy. To ensure the same, look for the following features:

1) Flexible Plans & Easy Sign Up:

You have ditched the traditional methods of app building to save time & money. So, your app builder must ensure value of money with affordable plans and flexible packages. Signing up for the platform should be easy and free of complex steps.

2) Builder-friendly & Native:

Do not compromise on the quality and settle only for a native app. The interface of the builder tool should be friendly, seamless and easy to grasp. An app builder with a well-designed, interactive and self-explanatory dashboard will intuitively guide you at every step of the app-building process.

3) Free App Preview:

Before upgrading, launching & paying for an app, you must be sure of the product. Hence, seek for an app builder that allows you to test your fully built app on a real device before taking money from you or putting it out for your users.

4) Quick & Easy Launch:

The app delivery and launch process should be easy and quick. A few DIY app builders let you create your app within a few minutes and immediately submit your app for publication. The faster the app will be delivered, the sooner your business will pick up amongst online customers.

5) Additional Features:

Your app builder should provide an array of features to enhance your app building experience. It must be able to build apps for both Android & iOS users and provide multiple platform support like WooCommerce and WordPress. Ensure it has additional support and plans for white labelled app, app store migration and more. Look for a consumer-friendly solution that offers warm assistance, help centre for queries, and more.

Builder tool: Internal features to look for

Besides a coding-free environment, the app builder should also provide an intuitive and hassle-free experience during the building-process. The following key features should be assured:

1) User Interface & Experience:

The app is ultimately meant for your users. To ensure they love your app and stay tied to it, design it smartly. The interface, features, themes, action buttons, colour schemes, should all be appealing and user-friendly. It should compel users to spend more time on your app, and hence, spend more.

2) Personalized Design & Layout

The app builder should allow you to design the app icon, logo, splash screen, login & sign up screen, banners and more according to your preference or choice. This will add a personalized touch to your app and retain brand identity. It will also boost brand recall value and incite feeling of belonging among you and your existing website users. 

3) Easy Searching & Sorting:

Your app users are there to realize their shopping or content goals and the app must facilitate that. Smart filtering, sorting and searching will make the journey easy for them and they will be motivated to come back for more.

4) In-sync with Website:

The app you are building, should thoroughly be in sync with your existing website. Your payment gateways, categories, products and more, should all be retained and reflect in your app.

5) Social Media Integration:

No one would deny the importance of social media for commercial success in today’s day and age. Hence, your app builder should allow the integration of your social media pages for collective promotion and marketing.

6) Content Marketing Support:

Content plays a very significant role in the advertising and marketing world. Good content can help boost your ranking on app stores and fetch more downloads. It can also play with the psyche of impulsive buyers and compel them to buy more. An app builder with content marketing support is a bliss. Thus, it should have CMS integration feature and an in-built dashboard for creating and managing push notifications.

7) Analytics & Dashboard:

The builder-dashboard should be intuitive and efficient. It must summarize your app’s performance and give you periodic analytical insights of the same. It will help you determine your user-strength and reinvent your marketing approach for better performance. 

Rule in your realm now

Apps have become the sure-shot formula of success. With the right approach and an efficient mobile app builder, you will be able to offer an unmatched experience to your consumers.

Go ahead and create app from website to get an edge over your competitors. Build a fully featured high-performing app to boost sales and conversions.

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