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Have you ever thought of the fact that the only reason why psychedelics have a bad name is due to the fear of the unknown? Is this good enough reason to justify psychedelics' outlaw when they are also known to have much better therapeutic effects? In such a situation, someone needs to stepup and make the world aware of the wonderful, natural treatment that nature offers us to rewire the brain. That’s why Bright Minds Biosciences has taken up the responsibility to focuson developing psychedelic drugs.

There is already a mountain of evidence that shows psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin have amazing effects in the process of plasticity.

Our selective agonists do just that!

• Selective serotonergic agonists, created by Bright Minds Bio, target serotonergic receptors such as 5-HT2A.

• This receptor is amongst the 14+ serotonergic receptors in the brain.It influences neurogenesis, cognition, learning, neurodevelopment, and sensitivity to the environment.

• Also, recent studies show that the majority of brain disorders are a result of serotonin imbalance.

• And although SSRIs help reuptake serotonin, they also cause widespread side-effects.

• In fact, if taken for a very long period, patients become immune to SSRIs.

So, what’s the next best solution?

Here’s the answer!

Modified Molecular Design Of Psychedelics – By Bright Minds Bio

If fear of the unknown is the only thing keeping psychedelics from being legalized as a potential treatment for mental health issues, then why don’t we just eliminate the fear.

Magic mushrooms have been the solution to many health issues. People use it to experiment with their subconscious minds. And, the subconscious mind is the part where the majority of brain health disorders exist.

Our biotechnology company has professionals and experts who have been studying the impact of psychedelics for over 25 years. Hence, our team has found potential molecular compounds of psychoactive drugs that target certain 5-HT receptors in the serotonergic system. And they do not cause side-effects such as:

1. Hallucinations

2. Dizziness

3. Nausea

4. Cognitive Impairment

5. Addiction

The above adverse-effects are the actual fear of the unknown, and Bright Minds Biosciences has managed to take that out of the equation.

Get Therapy For Major Mental Ailments

With a team of experienced scientists, Bright Minds Biohas many psychedelic agonists in the pipeline. Our professionals hold many patents and have been able to launch new and more effective drugs in the past.

By modifying psychoactive molecular compounds' design, the company brings a new generation of treatment to a range of mental health problems forwards.

Our pipeline projects consist of treatment for:


2. OCD

3. Major depressive disorder

4. Dementia

5. Bunge Eating

6. Substance Abuse

7. Smoking

8. Epilepsy

9. Chronic Pain

10. Parkinson’s

11. Alzheimer’s

In collaboration with the National Institute of Health, we also look forward to resolving Cardiovascular Issues, Pain Problems, Neuropsychiatric Issues, and Neurological Disorders. And we do that by using computational chemistry and psychedelic drug profiling.

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