Legitimate Work From Home Jobs  NYC

Which is the genuine home based work?

1. Game tester

This type of homework is ideal for gamers because you should have experience with it. It’s about testing new games for content and technical errors before they hit the market. Such jobs are relatively popular.

There are also offers for permanent positions, but these are mostly freelance extra earnings if you want to work from home. Contact

For a job as a game tester directly to the software company, look up current job advertisements, for example at Joblift, Adzuna, or on the corresponding placement portals such as Note, however, that there is not always money for the tests.

2. Usability tester

A usability test is a special form of product test that deals with digital content. For example, they test apps, software, or websites on behalf of the manufacturer. You evaluate speed, user-friendliness, and appearance and look for logical and technical errors. They are based on given test plans and document the results.

Apart from interest and general experience in handling the products to be tested, you do not need any specialist knowledge. Concentration and precise work are important. The job is good for students and for working from home. You can find offers for permanent positions or freelance work via Legitimate Work From Home Jobs  NYC or search engines on the Internet. You will of course also find job offers on the relevant agency platforms. In our opinion, the following are particularly recommended:

The remuneration is usually performance-related. That means there is a fixed amount per test.

3. Create digital products

If you create e-books, audio, or video courses, you can sell them to as many customers as you want without any additional effort. These digital products often generate passive income even after years. This is not about classic homework, with which you immediately generate regular income, but rather a self-employed activity with a high initial expenditure of time. Because digital products must offer your customers benefits and meet their quality requirements.

4. Working from home as a programmer

As a programmer, you can also work very well from home, although you must of course have the appropriate programming skills. It is an advantage if you have a command of several programming languages ​​such as C ++, PHP, and Java. Most programmers specialize in databases or app development, for example. Programmers work as employees or freelancers. In this way, students can gain practical experience.

5. Graphic designer

Working from home is no problem for both freelance and employed graphic designers. In the case of an employment relationship, however, it depends on whether the employer allows homework. In order to work as a graphic designer, you need special skills that convey education or a degree. However, the job title is not protected.

6. Web designer

Web designers are self-employed or employed. It is possible to work from home as only one computer workstation is required. In most cases, communication with customers takes place online. In the case of an employee relationship, however, the employer can request a presence in the office. A web designer creates and maintains the websites of his customers. He must be familiar with both the technical and creative sides of these tasks.

Web designers are often themselves clients for graphic designers and copywriters. The job demands many skills and offers good income opportunities. The customer acquisition takes place at the self-employed normally through its own website, as this is also an important business card of their own work as well as online marketing activities, advertisements on portals, and referrals.

7. Video producer

A video producer creates videos and films. Typical projects are image films, advertising clips, or videos from private events. If you are filming yourself, you cannot work entirely from home. Editing, sound editing, and inserting effects take up a large part of the time.

If working from home is important to you, specialize in these activities. To do this, work as a freelancer with partners who concentrate on filming. There are also companies that are looking for professionals for this work.

8. Write, correct, or proofread texts

Whether for company publications, online shops, blogs, or magazines, the need for content is great. Much of this is written by freelance copywriters and reviewed by proofreaders and editors. A corrector pays attention to spelling, grammar, and typography errors. An editor also checks the content, structure, and logic of the texts. A linguistic and, in the case of specializations, technical training is an advantage. But lateral entrants with the right talent can also familiarize themselves.

9. Translate

As a translator, you can easily work from home. Because, unlike an interpreter, you only translate in writing. The job title is not protected. Nevertheless, the work makes high demands. You not only need a good knowledge of the respective foreign language and the cultural characteristics of the country but also have to master the subtleties of the mother tongue. Furthermore, specialist knowledge is required if the texts deal with special topics.

It makes sense to specialize during your studies or training. Because literary translations have different requirements than the translation of technical texts or websites. The possible earnings depend on the language, your abilities and the type of text. Many translators work freelance.

10. Data and address recording

In some organizations, it is occasionally or regularly necessary to manually collect data. These are, for example, addresses of mail items, lists, or business cards, but also survey and research results. These tasks are often delegated to freelancers. However, permanent positions are also possible. Payment is based on the quantity, with a fixed price per data set being agreed.

If you regularly do this work as a freelancer, you need to register at least one small business. For an employment relationship, you conclude an employment contract. This work is not difficult but requires a high level of concentration. You can find relevant vacancies on job boards and classifieds. Always check whether you can work from home.

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