Best SEO Company in India

Which SEO Practices Will Boost Your Ranking?

Best SEO Company in India

Do you know what the ideal SEO practices that your Best SEO Company in India should do for the betterment of your website are?

If not, explore it right below.

Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search commands through speakers and smartphones have been the biggest game-changer in the internet world. Voice search is something on which our SEO is going to rely on a bigger level. So it’s better to buckle up right now.

There are many voice search optimisation tools that many big companies are using to make their website available through all kinds of searches.

More focus on a topic cluster

Google keeps on changing its algorithm. The major motive of Google is to understand user intent: what they are looking for, what do they expect, and which search results will be most suitable for their query.

So it’s time you start focusing on the most searched topics and queries by the users than sticking to old keyword ranking strategies. Nowadays, one simply can’t expect to reach the top page by stuffing keywords in their content. They need to focus on ‘user intent.’

Longer content is the better content

Gone are the days when small content was enough to retain the customer. Now people require deep knowledge, and for that, they are reaching to large content websites.

According to Backlinko, longer content accumulates more backlinks and can even increase the ranking.

Best SEO Company in India

But that doesn’t mean you are going to write 2000+ words for every blog post. Your major motive must be to satisfy user intent. Your blog must be full of rich information that meets their questions and doubts.

You can satisfy them with a small blog post, but if the demand for information is pretty high, don’t hesitate to increase the word length.

Make the most of YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO has been around us for a while.

YouTube is one of the most famous video sites on the internet and has over 2 billion active users every month. It’s also the second most prominent social media platform and website.

Many SEOers overlook the use of YouTube when it comes to getting high-ranking in SERP. However, video marketing is not for every industry or business, we many of us now are using this powerful tool to attain the attention of the users and building a better engagement. So no matter in which industry you work, take your smartphone or camera out and shoot some cool videos and show your clients how you work.

Now share these details with the Best SEO Company in India to sky-high your website.

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