11 Ecommerce Product Page Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Bringing potential customers on your site and have them browsing through your catalog is a good beginning but there is a lot more to be done if you need to boost your online sales. Internet traffic is more targeted than it is random and that goes true for most of the Internet in its entirety.

Bringing potential customers on your site and have them browsing through your catalog is a good beginning but there is a lot more to be done if you need to boost your online sales. Internet traffic is more targeted than it is random and that goes true for most of the Internet in its entirety.

No matter how you have attracted your visitors, attracting them is just the beginning and you need to end things as well as you began them or else the entire thing would make no sense at all. There are 11 product page practices that can come to your rescue and you need to use them in order to boost your online sales.

1. Descriptive Titles - You need to write descriptive titles for all the products that you are selling from your web store. Using just the product name along looks very lazy and not appealing in the slightest. You need to use descriptive titles as they have better chances of improving your rankings on search engines.

You need to pay more attention to the titles because that is certainly going to get the attention of your visitors and you would preferably need them to get a better idea of what you are, and product descriptions are a very good way of making that happen. For the good seo you should chose best seo plan for ecommerce website.

2. Product Descriptions - When you sell a lot of products from your platform, writing descriptions for all of them can get a little too time-consuming and overwhelming, but that is something that you need to do, if you want the results.

You really shouldn't be one of the those who copy and paste descriptions from the manufacturers with no originality from their own selves. It isn't the best way to go forward with this as its kind of makes you looks lazy and this kind of a strategy isn't also going to find you any favors with Google. Google only values original and high-quality content and copied or duplicated content is gonna lower your rankings.

3. Meta Descriptions - These are different from product descriptions in the same that they will be visible on SERPs and not the product page. If you have managed to get your website ranked on page one, it is good enough, but since you are still not going to be the only listing on the first page, there's plenty more to do.

Copying descriptions from the manufacturer isn't the best way to go as you run the risk of including a lot of unnecessary information on the page which really isn't required. You need to aim for something a lot more attractive if you wish to get the attention of the readers and not just make them lose all interest through a random array of numbers of characters.

4. Using Schema.org - With the use of proper mark up in your code, you provide search engines with the capability to display rich snippets, which really enhances your credibility and increases the interest in users in what you are and what you have to offer. These are some basic on-site seo services packages that are the same for product pages as they would be for most other type of written content.

5. High-Quality Photos - You need to use high-quality photos to boost your sales as there is no other possible way for users to get an idea of what you are selling. High-quality pictures sourced from the manufacturers are the way to go because pictures procured from different angles will increase the trust of the users. 

Professional sourced photographs of the products from more than one angle, really goes a long way in building the confidence in the visitor in the said product and substantially increases your chances of converting.

6. Wish Lists - This is an excellent design feature to have on any and all websites. When users get the option of 'Wish List' next to a product they really are, they are compelled to use the option, which serves them as a motivation to come back to your site and add the same product to their shopping cart and pay for it. Further, for Wish Lists that can be shared, the possibilities of conversion grow even more.

7. Customer Reviews - You should be a fair and impartial host and allow both positive and negative reviews of products that are sold through your website, so that users see you as a credible source and their trust in what you stand for and what you offer, only gets stronger.

Around 90% of all online shoppers read reviews before actually buying the product. It helps them in making their final decision by going through the experiences of other buyers who have bought the product.

More than a majority of all online shoppers appear to be more inclined in buying products if they have 4 stars or more. Your potential customers take reviews and testimonials and so should you, if you indeed to improve the business that you already have in existence.

8. Easy Navigation - Navigation is often the deal-breaker between a visitor making a purchase and the same visitor dropping out, because of the needless complexity of the entire process.

The business owners and their web designers should always remember that the easier it is to navigate from the home page to the payment page, the higher are the chances of converting. The navigation should be outlined based on the aforementioned advice which has been used by many businesses in increasing their conversions.

9. Recently Viewed Items - You need to include this option in your framework as this has been used to great effect by some of the biggest companies known to mankind including and especially the likes of Amazon and Alibaba.

This adds a lot of convenience to the user experience and it pays great rewards for the websites who facilitate them on your framework. Stores which have a lot of products are difficult to navigate and hence to add to the convenience of the customers, you need to include an option like this at the earliest. People don't get confused; they remain more cognizant of their own activities and all this will definitely lead to more sales in the long run.

10. If you don't blow your trumpet, no one else will - Many online stores offer a lot of services and none of them are free in the truest form. No shipping is free because people need to be paid salaries at the end of the day You as the owner are footing the bill for all these services, and you should make it clear to your customers.

You need to make it clear that you are covering the cost of shipping and make it explicitly clear that is not really free in the first place. It is going out of your pocked at the end of the day and that is just your way to ensuring the best experience for your users.

You can also play with words and ensure the same when it comes to offering support, appearing a lot more sympathetic to the cause and concerns of your users. Online reputation management goes a long way in increasing and you need to do everything to make sure that you are winning the perception battle at all times.

  1. FAQ - This is a great way to ensure that you have higher engagement levels from your targeted base because people usually need answers to their questions and they need it quick. Even when simplicity is at the root of all that you do on your website, it may still raise a lot of questions and you need to answer them before they arise.

A 'FAQ' option on the website which is easily navigable will do a lot for you, since there are lesser chances of people dropping your website and going towards greener pastures for the lack of enough information on your website.

Wrapping Up

You are losing out on a lot of sales and leads if you sell high-quality products on a solid business model, but the same isn't backed by an interactive website and you need to do everything in your power and ability to correct the same In times of declining attention spans of the Internet users, who find themselves overwhelmed by the staggering number of options, you need to be the best option our there for the users, who is preferred by the majority of the users and not dropped by them for greener pastures.

The 11 product page tips mentioned above have worked for a lot of companies in increasing their sales and it will definitely do the same for you, without any doubt. You just need to do more smart work than hard work and get the best people to do things, which maybe out of your expertise. These ways are likely to improve your productivity and efficiency and enhance your chances for success and survival.

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