Custom Packaging

Why Custom Packaging is a Top Priority for Companies

The packaging is a significant part of shipping; it protects the product from many different hurdles like bumps and bruises.

The customer always prefers that his item or product reaches him safely without any problem. Safety is the primary concern of the customers. The packaging is the technology of protecting products for distribution, sales, and storage. The packaging is also known as the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages. Customers always choose the best packaging material, recommended box style such as mailer boxes, best packaging approach for their products, and shipping items from anywhere. Many customers prefer Custom packaging because of numerous reasons; one of them is reliability.

Why Custom Packaging

Packaging of a product is as essential as Branding and presentation of the product. The customer’s top priority is always custom boxes because of so many reasons. Custom packaging is the use of modern materials. Materials that made custom packaging is an excellent packaging overall. Thermoforming and vacuum forming is a vital part of consumer packaging. With the help of thermoforming and vacuum, large trays and spaces can easily be created. Thermoforming uses heat, vacuum, and pressure to form different shapes. Custom packaging is now the days, is the most secure form of packaging available out there. Custom packaging of thermoforming and vacuum used in the medical and cosmetic industry.

Categorization of Custom Packaging

Custom packaging has a wide range of variety. So it is a lot easy to categorize the packaging into two different categories.

Primary Packaging

This primary packaging is in direct contact with items or products. Ideal for small item packaging. Basic layer of packaging around the product.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is just outside the primary packaging, providing more safety to the product.

Custom packaging also has many other packaging types, like Retail food packaging, Bulk chemical packaging, medical device packaging, drugs packaging, and many more varieties.

Purpose of Custom Packaging

There are several vital objectives of custom packaging; they are as follow:

  • Physical Protection: Requires protection from shock, Vibration, electrostatic charge, compression, and temperature.
  • Barrier Protection: Protection from air, dust, water, vapors, oxygen like controlled environment needed for food items and medical items.
  • Containment: Keeping small things in a group for the storage and selling efficiency like pencils, Powder and liquids as well.
  • Marketing: Important from the business point of view, presenting the item in a presentable form is critical these days.
  • Security: The packaging can play an essential role in reducing the security risks during shipments.
  • Convenience: Helps a lot in distributions, stacking, display, sales, reclosing, dispensing, reuse and recycle. These are the primary purposes of custom packaging.

Different types of Custom Packaging

There is a large variety of custom packaging in the market. Many different types are available, like Bottle Packaging, Apparel Boxes, Bakery Packaging, Candle Boxes, Cosmetic Packaging, Window Packaging, Hair Extension Packaging, and many more also available. Customers prefer customer packaging because of safety, reliability. The customer knows that he can easily trust custom packaging with his product. Now it’s up to the customer to choose the right kind of custom Packaging.

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