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Why Developer Choose Laravel Framework For Website Development in 2021?

There are several other PHP frameworks available in the market, Laravel has become the most popular rapidly. This is a perfect time when the newly introduced. This is a perfect time when the newly introduced framework with the correct set of features got released and it did get a great response from the PHP community.

1. Well-written Documentation -  Documentation is an essential thing when you use the framework for a website. The developer used to use the documentation for development. Laravel offers well-written documentation that is Developer friendly. Laravel comes with well-documentation. The success of any framework depends on its documentation users first read the documentation and then use the framework. If the documentation is not proper then the web developer will avoid using that framework. Quick and Straightforward documentation helps the developer a lot. Many frameworks are documented but not properly managed, that’s why users did not use that framework. The documentation is upgraded along with the version. You never find the unstructured documentation of any Laravel framework since Laravel introduced.


2. Database Migrations - Reusability of the database. Migrations in the case of Laravel are the representation of code of the database schema. Migrations are like version control for your database, allowing your team to define and share the application's database schema definition. If you have ever had to tell a teammate to manually add a column to their local database schema after pulling in your changes from source control, you've faced the problem that database migrations solve.

4. Eloquent ORM-  Laravel offers the best ORM with clean and easy-to-understand syntax. Object-relational-mapping is a programming technique for converting data between incompatible type systems using object-oriented programming languages. Laravel Comes with Eloquent ORM which is a simple implementation for working with databases. Each database table has a corresponding Model. The model directly modifies your database table entries. Database configuration exists in config/database.php, you can change according to the database details you are using in your project. 

5. Blade - Laraevl offers a Rich template engine for laravel developers. Using Blade you can make an extra beautiful website. It reduces the code of HTML. The Blade is the simple, yet powerful templating engine that is included with Laravel. In the past some other template engines which not allows you to put custom PHP code. But now in the Blade template engine allows you to put your custom PHP code in the template. Blade not overhead on your web application moreover zero overhead. The templates of the Laravel framework are innovatively designed to create a simple layout with distinctive sections.

Since many JavaScript frameworks also use "curly" braces to indicate a given expression should be displayed in the browser, you may use the @ symbol to inform the Blade rendering engine an expression should remain untouched. 

6. Elixir - Elixir is a popular gulp wrapper that Laravel provides developers with for running automated tasks. Redundant tasks like minifying scripts, compiling LES or SASS, and running PHPUnit tests are automatically taken care of. Laravel Elixir provides a clean, fluent API for defining basic Gulp tasks for your Laravel application. Elixir supports several common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors, and even testing tools. Using method chaining, Elixir allows you to fluently define your asset pipeline

If you've ever been confused about how to get started with Gulp and asset compilation, you will love Laravel Elixir. However, you are not required to use it while developing your application. You are free to use any asset pipeline tool you wish, or even none at all.


7. Laarvel Community-  Laravel has Community that name is Laracast. Laracast helps new developers and old developers. Community helps to enhance your knowledge. Developers use the community for Error solving and fixing bugs.

Laracast is one of the best ways to learn how to program and develop websites with laravel from scratch, it has a huge community to ask questions if you cant understand something, the courses are easy to understand and has a strong and good voice.


8. Authentication – There is no requirement for developers to write authentication code for every new application that they will create. Laravel more focuses on security. Laravel offers inbuilt authorization features for better security. Laravel provides a simple way to authentication. Even authorized users may not be able to update or delete database records managed by your application. Laravel provides an easy and organizing way of authentication. “Gates” and “policies” are the primary ways for authentication in Laravel. A developer can choose anyone from gates or policies. Some applications will use a mixture of gates and policies. 

The authentication configuration file is located at config/auth.php, which contains several well documented options for tweaking the behavior of the authentication services.

At its core, Laravel's authentication facilities are made up of "guards" and "providers". Guards define how users are authenticated for each request. For example, Laravel ships with a session guard which maintains state using session storage and cook

Providers define how users are retrieved from your persistent storage. Laravel ships with support for retrieving users using Eloquent and the database query builder. However, you are free to define additional providers as needed for your application.


9. Pagination – Laravel Web Development Company in the USA has gained immense popularity amongst developers because of the fact that it easily and automatically paginates data from the database. This makes web services and APIs creation simpler.  

In other frameworks, pagination can be very painful. We hope Laravel's approach to pagination will be a breath of fresh air. Laravel's paginator is integrated with the query builder and Eloquent ORM and provides convenient, easy-to-use pagination of database records with zero configuration.

By default, the HTML generated by the paginator is compatible with the Tailwind CSS framework; however, Bootstrap pagination support is also available.

10. Directory structure – The default directory of Laravel has a structure that is well-suited to most of the scenarios. The developers do not need to make changes.

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