Why should you choose hand sanitizer over soap

With the increasing cases of corona virus worldwide it has been repeatedly advised to wash your hand as frequently as you can.

With the increasing cases of corona virus worldwide it has been repeatedly advised to wash your hand as frequently as you can. Most people would argue that this is quite a simple task but they do not know that this quite simple task is the only weapon of defense against this deadly virus. The Corona virus have been declared as a pandemic by the WHO. it means that the virus has affected people living in all the continents of the world except Antarctica. In such horrifying times, it is better to follow the guidelines and stay safe. So washing and cleaning your hands regularly as well as often as you can is really necessary. Now washing hands on a daily basis is quite an easy task but washing hands every now and then becomes quite frustrating at times and it gets on your nerves. So the better option is to keep a hand sanitizer with you always. The promotional hand sanitizer market right now is flooded with every kind of sanitizer. People are buying these promotional hand sanitizers left right and center. 

Among all this, some people might also claim that these hand sanitizers are not as effective as the soap. A common misconception among the people is that washing your hands with soap causes the viruses and the bacteria to flush out from your skin’s surface while applying sanitizers on your hand do not do the part completely. Well, this is only a myth. In fact, sanitizers are as effective as soaps and other disinfectants. In some cases, like the strong hand sanitizers even surpass the quality of soaps. These strong hand sanitizers have a very high rate of alcohol percentage present in them. 

A study was conducted to measure and compare the effectiveness of the hand sanitizers and the soap used for cleaning hands. In the study people belonging to various age groups took part. These people were separated into two groups. These two groups had a good mix of both young and old participants. This was done to ensure that the results are in no way biased towards either soap or sanitizer. The first group was asked to use soap for washing hands and the other group was asked to use hand sanitizers. For each time the first group used soap for washing hands the second group used hand sanitizers for hand cleaning purposes or vice versa. At the end of the survey, the group using hand sanitizers was fund to have less percentage of germs on their hands. 

Now you might be wondering how did this happen and how is hand sanitizer better than soap for cleaning hands. 

Well first of all washing or cleaning hands with a bar of soap does not kill the germs altogether. They simply remove the germs from your hand. Hand sanitizers on the other hand with their high alcohol content kill the germs and viruses completely that are present on the skin of your palms. The high alcohol content acts as an acid for these micro organisms that dwell on your hands. These organisms do not have a good resistance to the alcoholic and under heavy amounts of alcohol present in their environment, they are not able to sustain and thus eventually perish. 


So hand sanitizers are always preferred over soaps to kill the germs and stay safe from different kinds of diseases coming from them. If you also want to be safe from these viruses and their effects head over to DK specialists to grab yourself a pair of promotional hand sanitizers. These promotional hand sanitizers will keep you safe and healthy.

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