You Will Wear These Jackets In March 2020

Time flies! It is already March. Just like the months before, we would like to tell you more about the weather forecasts for March 2020 and which jackets you can wear in this month

Time flies! It is already March. Just like the months before, we would like to tell you more about the weather forecasts for March 2020 and which jackets you can wear in this month.In this article we look at what the weather will do this coming month and how you can best respond to that when choosing your jacket. Do you still have to wear the winter coat or is it slowly but surely time to pull a nice in-between coat out of the closet? You can read it below.

What will the weather be like in March 2020?

We have good news for everyone who has finished the stormy weather. There is almost an end to the windy,hot and wet weather. The beginning of March promises to become drier and even better news: also warmer! We can say very carefully that there is a good chance that March will be a very good spring and summer month. Consider temperatures around 20 to 30 degrees with many hours of sunshine. That means that you could even walk without a coat during the day!


The second half of March is getting a bit wetter and cloudier. However, we do not immediately go back to winter. You can clearly see that we are heading towards spring, because even then it remains quite warm for this time of the year. A good spring jacketis always welcome in March. After all, they don't say for nothing: March is stirring its tail. For the same money it will be rainy and cold. They remain predictions, so that is why we say nothing at full 100%.

Lightweight jackets in March

We can imagine that at the beginning of spring you no longer feel like wearing thick woolen coats . This may even be the case when the days are not very hot. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives for the really thick winter jacket, without you immediately feeling very cold. For example, how about a lightweight outdoor jacket? These types of jackets are made to keep you nice and warm without being really warm.

The big advantage is that outdoor jackets and distressed leather jackets are often lightweight. Lightweight jackets feel very comfortable and are pleasant to wear on your body due to the light weight. Another advantage is that when it suddenly turns out to be a hot day you can take off your jacket and put it in your bag without worry. It is of course no problem to carry such a jacket in your bag. You don't have to worry that you can't find a nice, trendy jacket that is lightweight. More and more hip (er) fashion chains have such jackets in their collections.

Colorful jackets in the spring

Also nice: in addition to the choice for lightweight material, March is the ideal month to start your spring wardrobe. Of course you don't have to take all your warm sweaters to the attic right away, but you can at least start the switch. That also means that you can go for colorful items and colorful jackets, if you haven't done so in the winter. Spring is the perfect time to bring more color into every day. That is why we advise you to wear a brightly colored jacket this month .

This can of course be anything. Whether you go for a bright red jacket, distressed leather jackets or perhaps prefer a green jacket: no color is too crazy. We see a number of special color trends appear this spring. For example, how about a subtle orange jacket ? You can combine this shade of orange with dark green, ocher yellow and other natural colors. Another brighter color such as bright blue or very pink can of course also be used. As far as we are concerned, no color is too crazy when it comes to spring.


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