You Would Love To Learn These Fun Facts about Japan

Japan is already a fascinating country with very unique culture that is adored all around the world, especially by the people in the United States of America.

Japan is already a fascinating country with a very unique culture that is adored all around the world, especially by the people in the United States of America. Perhaps, this is the reason that United Airlines Official Site gets many bookings for this popular tourist destination. People love to explore the society which incomparable to other countries in the world. So, before you plan your travel to this amazing country, learn some fun facts about this country.

7 fun facts about Japan:

  1. Japanese people live on coffee

It seems like people in Japan only live on coffee. It is such a popular beverage in Japan that 85% of Jamaica’s annual coffee production is imported by Japan.

  1. Slurping food is a good thing

If you have a habit of slurping your food, you should move to Japan. Slurping food is not being ill-mannered in Japan; in fact, it is regarded as a good thing. It suggests that you are appreciating the Chef for the food is prepared. The general indication is that the louder noise you make while slurping, the more you like the food.

  1. Square watermelons are grown in Japan

Not round but square watermelons are grown in Japan by placing a young fruit into a square box. As it grows, it acquires the shape of the container. People in Japan do it for two reasons: First, space is an issue in overcrowded areas of Japan. Secondly, these watermelons can easily fit into refrigerators.

  1. Christmas equals to Valentine’s Day in Japan

Christmas in Japan is hardly considered as a religious celebration. In fact, Japanese people consider it as a romantic occasion. The streets remain abuzz with lovers strolling around hand in hand.

  1. Families can be fined for suicides in Japan

In case, a person jumps in front of a train, Japan rail would charge more than US $2 from the deceased’s family as a fine for the rail stoppage. By the way, Japan has a higher number of suicide rates in comparison to the other countries. According to the estimation of the year 2014, almost 70 Japanese people committed suicide every day.

  1. You can buy sex toys from vending machines in Japan

Japan should be called the land of vending machines. There are about 3.8 million vending machines dotted across the country. One of the vending machines in Sapporo delivers sex toys to the customers as well. However, these vending machines are equipped with age identification systems so that only at the right age people can make use of the machines.

  1. Pets Outnumber children in Japan

The number of registered cats and dogs in Japan is more than the total number of children under the age of 15. According to estimation, Japan’s total population would shrink 30% by the year 2060.

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