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step by step eyeshadow

Step By Step Eyeshadow Tutorial

Do you want perfect eyeshadow look for according to your eye color and skin tone? That stay long-lasting all day and make your eyes beautiful? Perfect eye makeup with eyeshadow can give you a dramatic look, beauty, more feminine, and als...


Authentic Careprost

Careprost Eye Drop by definition like prostaglandin. it's a medication accustom medically (looking like eye drops) to deal with the movement of eye cane and dual hypertension.

How to Choose A Right Wig Color

How to Choose A Right Wig Color

How much light reflecting off of the wig can decide how the same color wig could look different.If you are under a full sun, just like with natural hair, your wigs tend to look brighter and more detailed outside, and darker and less text...

Ashimary human hair wigs lace front wig hair textures

About Ashimary Hair

Ashimary Hair established in 1999 in Xuchang, Henan, China. She is a leading manufacturer of human hair lace front wigs for black women. They have an enormous variety of human hair products. 

Bridal makeup parlour in shalimar bagh

We are highly experienced and trained in the field of bridal makeup. Being one of the renowned bridal makeup parlours in Shalimar Bagh, we offer the best uncompromised quality of bridal services at cost effective prices. So, by opting us...

Urban Secrets

Urban Secrets - Be Kind to Your Skin - 100% Veg...

Urban Secrets brand is one cosmetics brand that gives attention to the smallest detail when making their formula. As the name “Urban Secrets” implies, they strive to maintain an urban mindset when developing their products. Each skin...

The Balancing Art Of Makeup

Understanding balance is the key to stunning makeup looks. Learn how to create looks like a professional makeup artist. Like everything in life, balance is key. Though the variety of makeup products, textures, and colors we can use is en...