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Website Database

5 Best Ways You Can Secure Your Website Database

In the current era, the website is one of the basic assets of any business. The website database which stores all the potential data of clients or customers is always at the risk of getting hacked. For Securing data effectively here we a...


how to hack pubg

If you are seriously looking for the best Cyber Security Ppt then you are at right place. Here I will provide you 2 same cyber security Ppt in two different themes with free download.

Pros and Cons of Using Black Friday VPN

Pros and Cons of Using Black Friday VPN

Online shopping can leave personal data exposed to online hackers, government surveillance agencies and advertisers, who are likely to misuse your data for their purpose. VPNs work by encrypting your online data, making it unreadable.

what is cyber crime

What is Cybercrime and the Dark Web?

You've probably heard the terms "cybercrime" and "the Dark Web". But most people don't know exactly what they are and how their daily lives and businesses could be affected. Many of us believe that antivirus software will protect compute...