10 Best Tips For Choosing The Best Caterer For Your Event

First and foremost one must consider while planning a small event or a grand celebration is to select the right catering company; regardless of the dimension of the event.

First and foremost one must consider while planning a small event or a grand celebration is to select the right catering company; regardless of the dimension of the event. Even for a small birthday party or wedding party or a corporate meeting the best caterer would do the honors as the guests gracing the occasion attend with high expectations so the food and beverages should be of high standards for their appreciations.

Needless to say, the success or failure of an event is determined by the quality of food and beverages served including the service of catering staff.

Therefore, if you are planning to have a grand party or a small gathering, we bring out the top 10 tips to be followed in helping you to make the right choice in selecting the caterer:

1) Enquire From Friends and Relatives:-

One of the most important tips while exploring the right wedding caterers in and around Delhi is to enquire with your friends’ circle, relatives and also associates. If any of them have attended an event recently and were quite impressed by catering services, they could recommend the name of the caterer. You can contact the caterer and proceed further. This exercise will save much of your time and efforts.

2) Catering Specialties:-

If you are looking for the best wedding catering services or for a corporate event like seminar /conference in Delhi, look for a caterer who specializes in such events. Every caterer is specialized in his field; wedding or non-wedding, corporate or other social event. There are some caterers that surpass their culinary art in every event and can create a perfect spread depending on the occasion. You have to use your wisdom in selecting the right type of caterer depending on the event.

3) Check Experience:-

If you have already narrowed down your search from several options and before hiring the services of a particular caterer, get the portfolio of their experience. Similarly, you may even use the services of first-timer or beginners in the business. It is quite likely that they will do a good job as this is their first project and they have to stay in the competition.

4) Look for References:-

As a customer, you ask the caterer for references of their previous executed orders. Contact those parties to get their opinions about of the catering services that you are planning to hire. Before hiring their services you can even check reviews and testimonials on the service provider’s website to find out if they can be dependable.

5) RFQ:-

Request for quote – as it is much better to keep things clear without any ambiguity. Check the caterer’s quote for the terms and conditions besides the rate. If the price quoted gives value for your money and within your budget, engage his services. But, if you feel that the prices quoted are beyond your expectations and unfair, you can move on to the next service provider; there are dime a dozen available.

6) Trial and Tasting Session:-

Try out the food of the catering service. Whether seasoned or a first-timer, it is advisable to sample and taste the food before you hire the catering service provider. This will help you decide if the food presented to you is right as per the requirement of event.

7) Entering Into Contract:-

In order to ensure transparency between you and the caterer about the services offered, scan through the fine lines of the contract before signing. You can also add a clause such as, in case you are not satisfied with the quality of food and service, you may hold the payment etc.

8) Discuss The Details:-

Discuss at length what you expect from the service provider. Normally, many couples look for something truly distinctive in their wedding fare. Therefore they must discuss their expectations precisely in detail. Moreover, negotiations with the caterer will help in checking out various possibilities beneficial for both the parties.

9) Licensed Caterer is Ideal:-

Before hiring the services of the caterer, ensure he has the mandatory license from the local health department that allows him to work in this business. This is to safeguard the health hygiene essential for this business. Also check whether he possesses liquor license to serve during the party.

10) Ensure Both Parties Are In Agreement:-

Before finalizing and signing on the dotted lines, have detailed discussions with the caterer to ensure that things are under control and there is no scope for any miscommunication later. The caterer must understand your requirements and fulfill them to make the event to cherish for a life time.

By following these tips you can make your search for the right caterer for your event easier and a big time-saver besides making it a dream come true.

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