Website Design Tips to Build Your First Website

10 Website Design Tips to Build Your First Website

Build your first website to make your online business

When people get into your site, within 5 seconds they understand what about the site you have launched. Users navigate the menu bar and find useful information that they are looking for. They can also check out your blog and go for what about your content is posting there.

If you have a good homepage then you will get a good response from your audience. If your price structure is easy to understand about your service people would be interested in taking your service. If you hear about the bounce rate then don't use any irrelevant link and information that discourse your visitor. Bounce rate means you are distracting your visitor by providing a different page link that's not related to the content.

To make a better web design you have to get an idea about the languages using to develop a website such as HTML / HTML 5, CSS / CSS3, Client-Side Scripting, JavaScript and jQuery. If you have no answer about how to develop a website then get into this article and prepare your content that must be related to your business website.

Before taking an initiative to build a website you must consult with your development company. They will discuss the necessary information and the objective of the website. So prepare a draft of the content that would be preliminary publishing content. You can update your content any time so making a draft so important

Prepare a website that can directly communicate with your users about what you do and why you do. No matter how great you are in business but you should give the priority your audience first and foremost.

  • Now the question is how would you develop your website?

To get this question's answer I have included 10 selected tips that will guide you on how to start a process to build a business website.

1. Make a draft your first plan

First of all, make sure that your website would be effective to meet the necessary needs of your customers. You have to create a map about how your customer visits your site and would become your customer.

Think about what type of pages they need to visit and the content necessary to ready. Think about what offers they love to take and how they will get it. Also, think what would be the easy communication process just to lead your sales?

Connect with your current customers and discuss with them what problems they are facing. Just get an idea of how you want to offer a service to promote your sales.

Keep in mind that the primary idea is the core of your web design elements. Collect questions from your customers and get the ride of the question to prepare the answer. Use all the answers and make your strategy.

2. Don't include the complex element

You can only specify the necessary elements that would convey your business values. Complex animation, long content and shaky colors may distract your customer from the aim of your business.

We know every audience has just one attention span with 8 seconds. So you have to create a first impression that will stay your customer into your website. You can put short and powerful content, good quality photos and icons that can separate headings to make your page attractive. Incomplete design messes up your content and misleads your users.

Do not use the word like next-generation, flexible, robust, scalable, easy-to-use, cutting-edge, terrain, and best-of-breed, mission-critical and innovative. These are words that are using by thousands of companies on their website. So don't make all the words interesting anymore.

3. Social media buttons to share and follow

If you are publishing your valuable content your website then gives your audience the chance to share on their social media platform. Use all the social media button so that you can bookmark and share on social media.

If you don't use the social share button, you might be missing out to generate your media traffic into your site. For better SEO result, you have to post a good article into your blog then share to your media page. It would have a great benefit for you.

Social buttons are small and can put all these top or bottom of your blog posts. The button contains the only icon and allows users to share content directly to their page. Few people want to share better content to inform their friends. These buttons act as a non-push tool that encourages social sharing from your buyer persona.

If you are looking for some tools then check out two free, social sharing tools on Simone and Shareholder.

4. Focus your call to action button

Once your visitor comes to your website then they look for the address after a few seconds. If you don't include any real address to communicate with you then you will lose your customers.


Call-to-action buttons are the elements that indicate the next step for a user. Many of us don't know how to guide the audience to have an action to get their service. Without a call to action button, you are just generating traffic but not dealing with anything to sell.

Calls to the top/middle of the funnel are easy to spam with the most bottom-of-the-funnel (BFU) call calls to action without properly luring your users with two-actions.

Add the action button into every page so that users don't need to scroll the page again and again. The action button has the power to make any instant communication with your client.

5. Navigation Bar

When you are going to design a website then you need to make a navigation menu. Most of the customers try to find it and look for another option or page. So without the navigation menu, your website would look blank and the audience may leave your site.

There is nothing worse than a site with a confusing navigation interface. When you are improving the navigation for the next time of your website, then ensure your customer would find it easily.

Some of the features include streaming content, navigation classification, and responsive design. Make your navigation bar easily responsive to any mobile device. There is thousands of the website not responsive for mobile devices.

If your user finds your site is not mobile responsive then there is a 50% chance to leave your site never back. So make your website all devices responsive and get more traffic through social media. 

6. Let your visitors scroll the homepage

It would be a bad idea to create a long homepage. Include only 3 sections on your homepage that would make an easy appearance for your long-lasting visitors. A simple homepage with a strong menu75 bar can make your website a huge success.

There are some categories that you can put into your homepage. This is just an idea of how you can separate your web menu bar into many categories.

  • Valuable suggestions
  • Intro Message
  • Overview of Services
  • Product Features
  • About us
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies/success stories
  • Wealth


If you like a more comprehensive list, then mention significant infographic and highlights other important homepage elements.

7. Proper use of white space

Whitespace is an essential element of any website. It helps to break down the page and you can put necessary data. White space increase also the reader's readability. You can use white space to focus your ad visually to attract customers.

You can use additional space for content promoting after determining the design process. You can add other design elements in the empty space. You have to look on your homepage in an experienced customer's eyes. Don't mess the homepage or the other page like garbage.

Proper utilization of white space can have an option to design the page better but the color should be combined with the other pages. Use the content in the whitespace accurately so that the reader feels comfortable to read it out.

Web designing is a continues process so don't think its finish. You may change the design after a specific time and the development is a continuous process.

8. Mobile optimization

Don't forget to optimize your site with various devices. Nowadays 60 to 70 percent of visitors come from social media. They use mobile and it's really easy to access any website. When you will share your pages to social media then traffic turns to move your page.

Website optimization is the first requirement when it is published already. You have to focus on your customers about how they come to your site and why they visit. Online marketing strategy focuses on traffic to drive into your site. It does not matter what is the traffic source.

You can check out, it’s a website that fully mobile optimized. If you need any help to optimize your website contact with them. They are highly experienced in designing and developing any kind of existing website.

9. Experiment your website

Experience your web page whether it is working spontaneously or not. If you find any lacking in scrolling, in clicking, uploading then note down all the problems and contact your developer to solve that.

If you open all the pages together you may face problem while page loading. Page loading time is important for visitors to get engage with the page. But many visitors open the entire tab and the website works slowly. So you should try at first to open all the pages and find the problem. 

10. Update your content

Web content is the king to generate organic traffic on your websites. You have to create interesting content and organizing differently so that visitors not come only to get your service but also come to learn something. 

Good quality content always brings high-quality traffic and get ride of the success way. It is also important for search engines to optimize web content. Your content would respond as keywords used for search by users.

You can showcase your blog by posting essential tips that can help your customers in case of future necessity. It will prove also how great you and your products. It will bring to your website an additional value.

Final word:


I think all the tips above would be very helpful in designing your website for the first time. A good quality website conveys your status and brings valuable customers. In the case of design and developing a website, you can contact and connect with

They have a strong web design team and got 10 more years of experience. They are very easy to reach and you can discuss your problems and can have very good consulting hours. They are very professional and handle their clients in a good manner. So get in touch with them and you can visit their Facebook page

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