Preparing Your Business for the Future of Work

Preparing Your Business for the Future of Work


The world is changing all the time, and everywhere you look, you can see the signs. However, very few of us actually understand the pace at which it is changing. Evolutions that earlier took years can now take place in a couple of months or even lesser. And, in this situation, the real question that remains is are organizations prepared for these changes, and how are they going to handle it?


It has become really important for organizations to react quickly to changing business conditions and customer needs. If not, there are chances of them falling behind in the race, and they should also be able to take the best decision in the shortest possible time. This means all the employees must be prepared for these changes and should react fast. And, this business agility itself requires organizational changes, an increased emphasis on collaboration, trusting your co-workers, and constant innovation. So, here are some ways to prepare your business for the future.



Working in cross-functional teams is really not easy. However, this seems to be the future. Encourage a team culture for better results. Today, organizations must monitor outcomes and ensure that more employees collaborate and work together.


Reduce Unproductive Time

This is the second most important factor for success in running an organization. Instead of sending across chains of emails, it’s time you invest in a highly effective audio conferencing app such as grptalk, which can help you connect with 3-100+ people on a single call. This way, you will reduce the amount of time you spend on sending emails, and can instantly connect with anyone, at any time.


Carve out Time for Innovation

Any organization should innovate and invest in new things. With communication reaching greater heights, communication products are vital to a successful business strategy. Businesses should focus on using a one-stop solution for all the communication needs of their clients. 



Embrace automation

If you haven't realized it yet, automation is here to stay. And, this is good news because it saves us a lot of time. But, at workplaces people are not really open to automation. Yet, we think it is time to embrace it. Automation helps us focus on innovation and strategic tasks. It shows employees a newer way of doing things.

So, the future of work needs investing in collaboration, empowered teams to align with cross-functional and strategic goals. This means that businesses should embrace automation technology to remove the work barriers and focus on specific work goals. Most importantly, it should encourage change and the business opportunities that will prepare the workforce for the future.

The Solution

The need of the hour is an app or a platform that makes conference calling an easy and simple process. There should not be any bridge numbers or PINs to join the call. Call participants should also be able to connect to their conference call without an active internet connection. And, there is one such solution that fulfills this criteria - it’s called ‘grptalk’. Developed by Telebu, grptalk is a mobile and web based conference calling app that works on dial-out. This means that the bridge number initiates an outgoing call to all the participants, who just have to answer the call to get on their conference, without having to dial a bridge number and enter a PIN. Yes, it is as simple as that. And, what’s more, grptalk uses PSTN or regular phone lines to connect people, which means you can join a conference call

without being connected to the internet. Oh, and did we mention that grptalk allows 100-10,000 people on a single call. 


So, forget about the dial-in numbers and go the dial-out way to communicate better. If you’d like to talk to someone about grptalk, please contact Vasu on +91-703-220-6149.

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