Best Samsung Refrigerators Reviews In BD

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Best Samsung Refrigerators Reviews In BD

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  • 12-Oct-2020
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Samsung Refrigerators Today, a refrigerator is not any longer staying as a significant appliance but a household feature. This tall engine can always serve you knew, testy, and healthier food with actual odor. Day bay day maker is introducing futuristic features that have been making refrigerator more dynamic and smart.

In the case of developing the quality of these appliances, Samsung is always staying one step forward than others. Samsung Refrigerators is a newborn smart appliances baby. Together with a futuristic feature, it has been offering ample storing space. A combination of modern technology and tasteful finishing has made this product appealing.


Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh has a jet cooling system option with 3d features that produce perfect cooling requirement inside the pit. Deep door bins with lots of useful space support it feels large when filling it with groceries. Besides, its inverter technology foundation compressor keeps the power bill within the budget. Moreover, the quality of the product will keep tension free for 20 decades.


Though it has ample space in the paper, it fills limited reach due to the narrow form. The most bottomless drawer in the fridge works warm, and it's blowing accessible features like humidity sliders and spill-proof racks.


If you ready to splurge and look for a refrigerator that will not merely take care of your meals but also increase your house's standing, then Samsung Refrigerators is the right one for you.

Design and Dimension

This double DD is essential in the case of refrigerator selection. Samsung Refrigerators is a side by side silver color non-frost refrigerator with inverter technology. Along with the water and ice dispenser system, it's a touch screen digital control panel to control the function. The stainless steel produced body has made this product durable and chic also. According to the body configuration, you got to have an excellent complete room to place at your kitchen or dining. Apart from that, you may not have the chance to move this 122-pound refrigerator from 1 spot to another comfortably. You can also adjust the refrigerator's elevation by increasing or reducing the level from the bottom bar.

Storage Capacity

Five hundred six liters is enough space to store regular meals. As it is a side by side refrigerator from the refrigerator and freezer section are located horizontally. Contrary to other refrigerators, it has more room in the freezer than a fridge.

In the case Of the refrigerator compartment, the storage capacity is 148 liters. Besides several wire layers, it has two crisper boxes for preserving non-vegetarian food. Additionally, it has good enough space in the doorway basket. It's good enough distance was providing maximum length for storing big juice bottles.

On the other hand, the freezer section has 358 liters of storage space. Disparate different versions of the refrigerator; it has a top portion for the freezer section. Like the refrigerator section, it's a wire rack and crisper box to maintain special care.

Cooling Features

Nothing is much significant then cooling in refrigerator choice. Samsung Refrigerators have used the latest cooling technologies. The latest R600a was utilized for cooling. Above all, it has a jet cooling option with 3d attributes and multiple cooling fans. This option makes sure in regards to the right cooling of the pit.

Futuristic Features

This Item is the perfect example of a modern technology foundation refrigerator. This product has been decorated with all of the essential attributes after features have made Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh unique from others.

Inverter Linear Compressor: Samsung Linear Compressor technology empowers its refrigerators to become industry leaders in energy savings, freshness, sound levels, capacity, and durability. Inverter Linear Compressor efficiently controls cooling energy and reduces inner workings to achieve an energy efficiency rating of 4 ticks.

Non-Plumbing Water & Ice Dispenser: unlike ordinary refrigerator that you do not need to set up the waterline with a tap. Here it is possible to store the water in the box and use the water by only pressing a button. Also, ice could be easily collect out of the dispenser. Moreover, in his process, you can remain free from Installation Price and maintenance cost.

Moist Balance Crisper™: Maintaining a level of this moisture is essential. This is a unique lattice-type box cover that maintains moisture at an optimal level. Water from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice, holding the box's appropriate moisture balance.

Ice beam Door cooling is a unique technological cooling system by which the cold air is distributed not just from the rear facet of vents but also from specific side vents.

Bio-shield™: This technology is functions as an anti-bacterial function. It will stop the fascia from the mound, in addition to keep the inside environment free from poor taste. It also helps keep the refrigerator clean properly.

Auto Ice Maker: This is an intelligent feature because you don't require storing water in the ice tray to make the ice. Its humidity controlling attributes can save the humidity and convert it into the water and make its full use to make ice cube automatically.

Multi Air Flow: In the event of the overall refrigerator model, airflow was created from 1 fan and spared adequately at both the refrigerator and the freezer section. In that scenario, sometime, it will not be able to provide the trendy correctly. In the event of Samsung Refrigerators two cooling system fun for good airflow to both cavities.

Eco-friendly: In these circumstances, appliances manufacturers utilize CFC and HCFC gas free green heating technology. In that circumstance, Samsung Refrigerators have been working ultra-modern R600a cooling technology.

Control Panel: Led digital control panel is clunky but cinch to operate. Every feature has been defined clearly. Therefore anyone can easily set the warmth of the appliance.

Electric Features: Whenever you're in charge of an appliance 24/7 hours, you've got to be serious about the electricity bill. Although this appliance has a robust cooling compressor, it is simple to run this appliance with the average voltage of 220V to 230V and consume 562 kWh.

Cost and Availability

If you want to get a quality appliance, then need to shell out cash. And we all are knowledgeable about the quality of Samsung appliances. Samsung Refrigerators is a modern technology foundation tasteful looking refrigerator within regular cost.

In the case Of accessibility, Samsung is a renowned brand all around the world. Because of this, they have a lot of showrooms as well as traders all over the country. Therefore you might have Mini fridge price in Bangladesh at your closest Transcom Digital house and kitchen appliances showrooms.

According to Our evaluation, this is among the best-ranked refrigerator versions. In addition to elegant appearance, it's a healthy body that has made Deep freezer price in Bangladesh stronger.


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