The Complete Guide To Accelerated Mobile Pages

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The Complete Guide To Accelerated Mobile Pages

Many of us have heard about AMP, and almost everyone has interacted with it. But for some reason, most people don't know much about it and have not implemented it on their website.

Well, I don't blame you for this. The problem isn't from your end. The majority of us avoid technical jargon because it is somewhat tiresome. But, these technicalities are vital to reap the rewards for your business.

Today, almost 60% of the Google search queries are done through mobile phones. That's why Google created Accelerated Mobile Pages in 2015 as a new standard for fast-loading mobile websites. 

If you don't know what AMP is and how it affects your business, read this blog till the end. At the end of this blog, you will have all the information about AMP.

So, let's get started.

What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a mobile-friendly website page format for mobile devices. AMP is the short form of HTML. It makes the website much lighter for easy loading on mobile. AMP changes Google’s algorithm to cater to mobile users. It shows that the company cares a lot about its mobile audience.

Those days are gone when the desktop ruled the internet nowadays mobile is the ruler. AMP speeds up the mobile experience for all of us by making mobile browsing super-fast and convenient.

What are the advantages of AMP?

For mobile internet users, to access any website, loading speed is what matters a lot. If a website took more time to load, users will not wait and move to another website. And it's not good for your business.

That is why AMP is crucial. Below we have mentioned the list of benefits that you can access by using AMP. Let's have a look:n

  • Speed: The main function of AMP is to speed up the loading of the mobile website. Trust our words, AMP does it so stunningly. AMP pages load twice as fast as comparable mobile pages.
  • Search Performance: As we know, Accelerated mobile pages are supported by Google. Search results for any business on Google rank much higher for AMP websites than regular mobile pages. It increases the organic traffic to your website.
  • Increase Conversion: It is proven that fast loading websites have higher conversion rates. Users tend to visit websites that have better accessibility. It also helps you gain the trust of the customers.
  • Competition: To survive this competitive environment, all you need is a better, user-friendly, and fast-loading website to increase more traffic. AMP does all this for you. You will rank higher on SEO, and you will lead the way.

There you go.

These are some benefits of having AMP on your website. 

Mobiles have overtaken all internet devices. And AMP is a fantastic option for everyone. AMP benefits you by generating more organic traffic, brand awareness, and greater conversion on your website.

If you need any help regarding this, you can contact us for detailed information.

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