Dr Gautam Allahbadia - Common Concerns Expressed by Couples trying to conceive

IVF Dr. Gautam Allahbadia

Dr Gautam Allahbadia - Common Concerns Expressed by Couples trying to conceive

Common Concerns Expressed by Couples trying to conceive

In this fast moving world women and man both are facing fertility issues in their life due to lack of physical work or due to increasing stress in their lives, as people have change their lifestyle to another levels. Nowadays, couples and single women focus on their carrier and jobs and consider starting a family at a later stage in life when they feel more stable and settled in their lives.  While this oppose the biological clock that decreases fertility and reduction in the chances of conceiving with age, assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) like IVF step in as an option for these couples.



Nowadays IVF has become safer option for couples who are planning a baby or for single looking forward to have baby. The methodology, is clear and is vouched for by Gynecologists and IVF specialists says ART will be always linked to reproduction in the coming years. A Mumbai biased IVF specialist Dr. Gautam Allahbadia Says “Several couples and single women make a deliberate choice to conceive through IVF, while others opt for the procedure owing to fertility issues,”

In each and every case, commonly all the patients expresses same concern before going into IVF treatment or other assistant reproductive techniques (ART). Couple who are having infertility issues and those who are going under the IVF treatment may face many problems life frustrations and disappointments before, undergoing the treatment. As soon as the treatment starts, it can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Waiting for results can be stressful as well.


Dr. Gautam Allahbadia common concerns expressed by couples trying to conceive

Dr Gautam Allahbadia talk about patients who are planning for IVF or ART, Dr Says, It’s only natural for the patients to have some questions in their mind.” He adds to it and says that, there are some common questions of couples who are trying to conceive such as IVF procedure- how it is done , is there in any risk in IVF , Success rate of the treatment and how will be the health of the child.

“The advancement in genetics has greatly improved the success rates of IVF procedures. Through procedures like Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and Pre-Implantation GeneticDiagnosis (PGD),embryos are screened and tested for abnormalities. Through research in the field, it was found that nature does not let chromosomally abnormal babies stick to the uterus, passing it down in the form of abortions or miscarriages,”says Dr Gautam Allahbadia, who also heads the IVF team at Millennium Medical Centre MMCIVF, Dubai.

He further explains, “With PGTAIVF, we can screen the embryos for all 24 chromosome pairs. We transfer the normal embryos into the uterus, which arethen expected to go to term ashealthy pregnancies, in the form of chromosomally normal offspring. This has proved to be a miracle for women who previously suffered the oddities of abnormal pregnancies.”

PGD procedure, on the other hand, was initially used to diagnose hereditary disorders like thalassemia or severe muscular dystrophies, and avoid their transfers. Through PGD the gene that carried the abnormality was identified and the affected embryo discarded, hence its primary purpose was to eliminate genetic disorders in the next generation. However, with the advent of NGS, over 400 diseases can be screened and normal embryos can be transferred, explains Dr Allahbadia....READ MORE……

Success Rates Of ICSI And IVF Procedures

At MMC IVF, my team works to provide the best success rates across the country. We are constantly upgrading our stimulation procedures, embryo transfer guidelines, and laboratory culture conditions.
The woman’s age and the reason for infertility remain the two most important factors in determining the success of an IVF cycle. Since each patient is unique, we discuss their individual case history before coming up with a treatment plan for them.


Dr Gautam Allahbadia - IVF Specialist in Mumbai

About Author -      Dr Gautam Allahbadia is an IVF Specialist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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