How To Monetize Your Blog or Website

To Monetize your Blog

How To Monetize Your Blog or Website

Easy ways to monetize your blog or website

Developing a blog or a website that is both creative and informative can invite many visitors who are interested. You can definitely use this as a chance to monetize your blog. There are plenty of ways by which you can start getting more readers and actually earn for it. Although this may take a long time yet it is all worth it. It is all about how well you choose the right way to earn from your blog or website. You will need to choose a company or network to make your blog popularized. To begin with, you can start with these easy ways to monetize as it is quick and effective. Also, you will have a lot more time to organize your content on the blog. Always make sure your content does not bore the readers. The layout or the template of your blog also needs to be attractive. Here are some easy methods to begin monetizing.

1. Linking Texts

Adding back-links and text links is the simplest thing to do on your blog or website. A text link is like an ad that is displayed for your website. You can add links to the pages like your homepage on your new blog or on category pages. The text link and its content should be very catchy so that people get interested to view it. Also, if you are adding the link of any article, ensure that both the page and the article are relevant to each other. You can alot a small space on your website to have a check on the number of text links being purchased. This will increase the traffic for your website, and you get paid for high traffic rates.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Famous ad networks like Google Adsense can help you make Pay Per Click quickly. There are several ad layouts from which you can choose to create an ad for your website. Google will then try to display this contextual ad on any website location that is highly related to your content. Google segregates and displays your ad based on the efficient use of keywords. So make sure to draft your blog with the right keywords. You can choose the most suitable keywords from Google AdWords too. Mostly big and attractive ads get plenty of clicks. You will be paid for each and every click a user does.

3. Start freelance blogging

Good content gets served anytime. Blogging itself is a way of displaying your potential with content, web designing and management skills. So you can use these exceptional skills to monetize your blog. You can advertise your rb_blog and websites to get paid easily. Many companies require quality content for their websites. Therefore, you can start building up your profile on sites like People Per Hour, Upwork, Fiverr to reach out to such companies. You can easily get work through these sites where you are also allowed to do blogging. So the company can view your blog samples and offer you work.

4. Start an online course through rb_blog

Starting an online course is an interesting way to monetize your blog. If you are into creating rb_blog like cooking, DIY, games, basic mechanics etc., then this will be suitable. You can begin online courses easily for these kinds of topics. Advertise about your course through PPC or any other advertising method. Interested people will soon start enrolling for the online courses you provide. Make sure you upload all the details regarding the course including payment options. Also, mention how unique your online course is. 

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way of monetizing your blog. All you need to do is join an affiliate program provided by business companies. You can add links to their products or services through your rb_blog. When a visitor clicks on that link, you can get paid. You can choose the company according to your content of the blog or website. Only when the link is relevant people will navigate themselves to the product or service. Some of the famous affiliate programs are Click Bank, Amazon Associates. Other than that, you can also focus on small business affiliates, thus you help in developing their business too.

6. Publish E-books

Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad are examples of the few tools used widely by e-readers. If you love writing stories, poems or essays you can easily upload them on these sites. Also, you can actually sell these on your personal website. Thus, you start earning every time a user buys it from your website.

7. Create and sell products

Decorative items for the home or personalized gift articles are a few things that people love to buy online. These things attract people because of the variety of choices and also for the benefit of direct selling. You can start selling handmade articles like these and offer to sell them on your website. Also, you can update your rb_blog about the benefits and uses of your products.

8. E-mail marketing

Newsletters are used by most of the websites today for maintaining a good relationship with their customers. This is a wonderful way of monetizing your website too. This is effective because of the e-mail list that you maintain. When you keep sending regular updates of products and services on your website, people keep visiting your website. Therefore, the overall traffic for your website increases giving you good payments.

9. Cost Per Mile (CPM)

CPM is very similar to PPC and the difference is that you get a payment for every 1000 impression. You can use Google Adsense to post the ads of your website or blog. An impression means a page view unlike just a click in PPC. The only disadvantage is that you need a lot of traffic for your website to receive 1000 page views.

These above-mentioned ways are easy to begin and follow. With constant work and effort, you can monetize the blog or website quickly.


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