What is ReactJS: Introduction to ReactJS and Its Features?

ReactJS Introduction & Features

What is ReactJS: Introduction to ReactJS and Its Features?

If we look around, we will see that there are thousands of tools released on a daily basis. There are so many libraries and frameworks available to design and develop various web-based and mobile applications. It has become quite a daunting task for business owners to choose the right one.

Angular was the first priority of many in the past few years. Ever since ReactJS has been introduced, it has taken over the market. Do you want to know what ReactJS is? And its features? Please continue with the detailed discussion then.

What is React JS?

In simple terms, we can define ReactJS as a JavaScript library that is built and maintained by Facebook. It is an open-source and front-end library that is responsible for the application's view layer.

React development environment has been the favorite of many when it comes to develop and design fast-loading business applications. React comes with multiple unique features that have made it in the top list of the best frameworks.

Read further to know some of its extraordinary features.

Features of ReactJS 

  • Virtual DOM

React JS ensures better performance of the applications due to the presence of virtual DOM. With the help of the virtual DOM, ReactJS tests all the risks that can impact the operations of the application.

Virtual DOM does not change all the components when you try to update the entire unit. Instead, it compares the previous components and updates the ones that need to be updated. Thus, saving a lot of unnecessary coding as well as valuable time. People thus prefer ReactJS.

  • Debugging

ReactJS has a larger developer community offering easy and quick testing. There are many expert developers available to guide you as well as Facebook developers are continuously working on it to make the React development environment robust.

Moreover, Facebook offers a small browser extension which makes debugging faster, easier and quicker.

  • Extensions

ReactJS comes with many extensions. It has a simple UI design that provides support to the application's architecture.

A well-known framework called React Native helps to build cross-platform mobile apps when it comes to React development. Besides that, it also uses flux and Redux in the development of web applications.

  • Easy to Learn

It's a combination of HTML and JavaScript codes; thus, anyone can learn ReactJS very easily.

The developers take less time to understand and formulate the entire code bundle. Thus, it helps to create applications quickly and easily without any delay.

  • Creates Both Web and Mobile Applications

ReactJS is not only used to create web applications but mobile applications as well. It comes with a framework called React Native which is derived from React.

React Native is quite popular among developers and helps to create extraordinary applications.

  • Offers Reusable Components

React Application comes with building blocks called components. All these components can be customized based on the requirements and be reused for specific functions.

It also allows the developers to redeploy the same type of digital objects. Thus, the feature helps in maintaining the code and growth of every function.

  • SEO Friendly

One of the best features that ReactJS comes with is SEO friendliness. Any company's desire is to rank on the top of the search results beating all their competitors.

SEO is the need of the hour; who doesn't want their app to be designed based on the SEO standards? ReactJS offers faster rendering and helps the business to rank on the top of Google's search engine page.

To Conclude...

React JS has support from many developers who always look forward to making it a better front-end network. To take complete advantage of the React development process make sure that you need to hire the best React JS development services.

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