How to Avoid Slow Mobile App Development Process

How to Avoid Slow Mobile App Development Process

Remember the sensational game 'Snake' on the Nokia phones. It was introduced in 1998 and comes preloaded on your Nokia device. It was truly the definition of getting "hooked" on something. No mobile app development companies at the time, it was designed by Taneli Armanto, an engineer at Nokia in 1997.

Two of the most important factors that make this game very popular. The first is a novel and innovative concept of the game, given the time we were in the second and no other applications or games for it considers other than Snake.

In all, if we go back to the history of the development of mobile applications, we can go as far as snakes, to popular, internationally recognized applications. Cut to this day, almost no need to explain why, how or what popular mobile applications. Each mobile application development companies will tell you how in-demand application development services is.

On the other hand, they will tell you how to avoid the dreaded slow the application development life cycle by not burn your pockets? Let's focus on the less discussed aspects of mobile app development.

How to speed up your development App Process with an enterprise application development?

Asking the right questions

Before heading on a road construction application, it is important to ask the right questions. Introspection helps get a more concrete solution. Therefore, it is always advisable to ask the right questions before embarking on something important.

What is the purpose of your mobile app?

Your customers will open an application at least once a day?

What are the features that will make the app stand out among the competition?

Android, iOS, or both?

This application will also support offline mode?

questions such as helping to identify the amount of time, money, and effort involved in the development process.

Focus on approach Swiss Knife

When you need a knife, you are looking for one in the kitchen. You need to open a bottle of wine, you are looking for a bottle opener. You need to replace the screws, you go in search for a screwdriver in the tool box. What if you have a swiss knife is not it? All packaged in a single tool. This sounds like a great way to save time and effort.

Today, when you want to get an application developed, the most basic event, there are several vertical layers involved in the application development process. There is a design department, a team of backend platform development team such as iOS or Android, and then came a client who later review, verify or provide feedback on the output.

To overcome the time consuming this approach, go for a mobile app development company follows a Swiss knife.

To give an example, we have created an application development platform Configure.IT, a Swiss knife application development.

Cut disorder made transparent yet agile application development. The only source of the requirement in this case is a team of design and development team. Everything from the design of the initial stage to the final stage development Configure.IT administered by application development platform.

Understanding the importance of MVP

It was always, let it be repeated, it is always advised not to go to market with the right product is fully formed ramming the gates to the app store. Began to lean. Start with a minimum viable product (MVP) in mind. Launched some of the most important aspects of the first application.

Start by collecting feedback and data diligently. Send feedback to the mobile app development company of mobile applications so that they can tweak the application and make the necessary changes.

Keep the cycle going for the next few weeks during the application development process or even months if necessary. Gather feedback, updating the team, and adds a layer of the required application. This process, although it sounds time-consuming, otherwise quiet broken lines.

When you go full swing into the market, there is a possibility that some of the features in your applications do not chase between the user and the need retouching or update. It may cost you more money and time than you anticipated.

Set the automatic test

Why do we, as humans, evolved from manual work to automation? The main purpose is? To save tremendous time and effort. The main reason why we rely on automation is due to leave us with much time to complete other tasks that require attention and greatly reduces the effort.

Automated testing involves a variety of testing methods are applied simultaneously to save time fully during and after the process of application development. In a competitive market is growing rapidly, time is your greatest asset. 

Most of the time, due to a smaller time available to enter the market, often driven applications before testing every aspect of life. This can be a sign to many problems.

Even if one is sure about the code and algorithms, they can still fail. That's why testing is important. Setting up automated testing allows focusing on every aspect of the application, making you more confident about the application; sure that it is completely free of bugs.

Go for the mobile application development process Hybrid

Hybrid Application Development

Take less

Allows you to build applications more quickly for both Android and iOS

Writing the code for the core and launch applications on multiple platforms,a decent option if you want to penetrate the market with a simple application has its limitations

The original Application Development


You need to write a separate source code for different platforms

a decent option if your application is large, has a variety of powerful purposes

Less possibility of revision or found bugs

It's a simple breakdown between hybrid and native mobile application development. Each mobile app development company today following two methods depending on client needs.

If you do not have much time, want to spend less dollars in the early stages and penetrate the applications market as early as possible, the development of hybrid application is recommended.

Use Low-fidelity Wireframes

To make a good application with an interface that is perfect, it is recommended that one uses lo-fi or low fidelity wireframes to get the application developed. Low-fidelity prototyping help in finding the underlying problem of the core design with minimal time and effort involved.

It is becoming easier and faster for designers to iterate the design ideas with the help of lo-fi wireframes. One can only give a rough sketch which only takes a few minutes to make. During the initial phase, the rough phase that is easily understood and sentenced to work. Focusing on the perfect sketch of initial pixel becomes painful.

During the early stages of application development, the stakes are quick to transition ideas into prototypes to visualize, distribute and collect user feedback. Using low-fidelity prototypes help during this stage.


Do not rush for things. Stay calm and progress step-by-step. Needs to be on the market at the right time is the need of the hour. And wisely chose the path to long-term success is guaranteed by selecting the correct methodology that creates a strong foundation for the application to develop.

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