Office 365 Convert Email to PDF File with Attachments

Office 365 convert email to PDF document file along with attachments with the use of Office 365 Backup to PDF software. It is great solution for users to save Office 365 email as PDF file on any Windows operating system.

PDF file gives a trusted method to save any document, it is a widely accepted form to save any type of document. One can add many documents in a single PDF file and can download then into a compressed and secure form. A user can Office 365 email convert to PDF to backup their data mainly emails. There are numerous techniques to save data from Office 365 in PDF file format, which will make the complete task of saving, sharing, and accessing the Outlook Web App emails very smartly.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF: Issues Faced by Users

“I am using MS Office 365 for over a year now. I have bulk emails saved on the Office 365 cloud. I need to keep the backup of those cloud emails on my personal drive. How can I save my Office 365 emails to a file format that can be easily viewed from anywhere and would preserve my data safe and secured (Office 365 to PDF, maybe?). Please recommend me an instant and reliable way to manage my emails locally.”

“I use Office 365 for my emails. I would like to move some emails into PDFs, so that I can file the email messages in a client file together with word documents, PDFs, etc. I am a relatively non-technical person. I went online to see there was a simple way to achieve this. One the essence was to use. Acrobat X I. I have that program but I cannot resolve the difficulty of how to save my Office 365 email messages into PDF file format. Any help you can give is valued.”

Need for Office 365 Convert Email to PDF

As we all know that .pdf is the most popular and widely used file format mainly for legal documents, newsletters, professional printing, resumes, security, etc. It is accepted as a valid file type in a number of organizations and agencies. It is compatible with many platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, etc. that made PDF file format more usable and popular. PDF is a Portable Document Format file, which maintains the formatting of data and allows users to take the print out of the document without losing any formatting or structure of the content.

Manual Method to Copy Office 365 Email in PDF Format

A user can export and move Office 365 email into PDF to your hard drive via Microsoft Print to PDF option, which will result in a PDF file. When the Microsoft Outlook is configured with Office 365, the user can simply import their Office 365 cloud emails in PDF format using Microsoft Print to PDF option.

To import Office 365 mailbox data into PDF, one can run the following process to do this:

  1. Open MS Outlook for Office 365.
  2. Then double click on the email that the user requires to move into PDF file.
  3. Choose the Menu and press on Print.
  4. After that from the drop-down list, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • The above-mentioned method can copy a single email from Office 365 in PDF file, one cannot achieve bulk migration.
  • Data loss chances are too-high while manually trying to save Office 365 emails as PDF.
  • It is a very time-taking method if a user needs to save the number of Office 365 emails in PDF format.

​​​​​​​Alternative Solution to Copy O365 Emails to PDF Adobe Document

In order to perform the conversion from Office 365 mailbox to PDF format, a user can go with the third-party solution i.e. Office 365 Backup for Office 365 email convert to PDF in a very cost-effective way with accuracy and with no one risk of data loss. The software is a direct approach, which requires only the login details of your Office 365 account. And it can successfully save your all emails from Office 365 to PDF file format along with all email formatting, and attachments. The Office 365 Backup program is a very useful application that is simple to use by every technical or non-technical user to perform Office 365 email convert to PDF task without any problem. Both single and batch email migration is also well-supportable with Office 365 to PDF software, even in a single time process without losing any details.

Step by Step Working of Office 365 Backup for Office 365 Email Convert to PDF:

Office 365 to PDF

Final Words

Conversion from Microsoft Office 365 to PDF, makes the email accessible on various platforms and gives an appropriate way for sharing. When the user saves Office 365 emails as PDF format, it will make the data more safe and secure. In this blog, you can find the best direct method to convert emails from Office 365 in PDF Adobe format with no one matter on any Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) OS platforms.

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