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People on the hunt for search in Bucharest can find tons of jobs in Bucharest where the only requirement is to be an English Speaker

People on the hunt for search in Bucharest can find tons of jobs in Bucharest where the only requirement is to be an English Speaker. You may wonder how that is possible. But it's a fact. Many job opportunities in Bucharest, Romania, come with one main requirement, aka a native English Speaker. I'm going to share the details of the three best jobs one by one.

Content Lead and marketing

As an English speaker, you can join top brands and companies as a content leader and marketer. Your main task would be to take hold of all print and digital media portals. Where you will not only create content but ensure that your generated content will let people earn more sales.
You must have full knowledge of content creation and marketing. The exciting thing is that you can get such knowledge online. Tons of content marketing websites are there to offer you the best guidelines.

As a content leader, you may have to work with a team of writers, whereas you would take all the responsibility. Depending on every company's requirements. You must know how to create the best-in-class content for infographics, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, social media posts, white papers, and presentations.
It would be best if you also created a content delivery roadmap that is a subtle mix of subject and content types. The most important thing you need to care about is it align content with that of the brand's feel, tone, and style.
For content leader jobs in Bucharest, your main task is to develop short-term and long-term content creation and marketing strategies.
Besides, you will have to find diverse ways to boost up the level of customer engagement, which in turn boost up sales and customer retention.

This kind of job in Romania requires you to have more than five years of experience. It's vital to know how WordPress, SlideShare, Social portals, Google Webmaster, keyword research tools, and Analytics

Trainee Recruitment consultant

One of the best jobs in Bucharest for English speakers is to become a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. You can join tons of recruitment agencies in Romania. The recruitment task is not that simple; you will have to consider a variety of aspects. Through constant learning and experience, you can excel in this career.
When you join an agency that helps companies find the best talent, you take a big job responsibility. You first need to understand the requirement of human resources for this company.
The next important step is to define the job description and roles.
As Romania's companies have diversity in the workplace, they don't mind hiring both EU or non-EU citizens. That means you will have to accept an application from both kinds of the candidate. One big step of your job is to spread the word out or market the company's available position.

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For this purpose, you can make the most from Ro.Fratres.net or LinkedIn; both portals will allow you to get the attention of thousands of candidates. Once you have all the available applications, then another big thing to do is screening and selection.

It's not possible to hire tons of people for one job opening in Bucharest. You must have to select the best one from the talent crowd.
For this purpose, you will try multiple interviews like Skype interviews, phone interviews, or panel interviews. Whatever suits your budget and needs.
The last step of such jobs in Buchrest is to handover the profile of the right candidate to the company and let them do the hiring.
It's like finding a gem for them, and you will get paid as a trainee recruitment consultant in Bucharest.

Technical support engineer

The demand for Technical products and application is skyrocketing. And in that case, if you have technical skills alongside English language skills, then your career is bright in Bucharest.
If you want to become successful and earn the right amount of money, you should study technical support engineering and become a technical service provider.
This job role is high in demand and requires you to make the most technical knowledge while solving technical issues. It would be best if you were self-driven to provide efficient technical assistance.
The most demanding technical skills and knowledge of the following fields are HTML, Windows OS, Networking, Active Directory, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, etc.
You must have a problem-solving nature because it lets you troubleshoot various matters of the IT field.

Therefore, we are looking for candidates with excellent English skills and general knowledge of the following: Windows OS / Networking / Microsoft Exchange / Active Directory / SQL. VMware and Hyper-V knowledge is a strong plus.
The good thing about joining for such IT jobs in Bucharest is that you won't only get salary benefits but also other perks like free gym memberships, enrollment into health and wellness programs, and many other facilities.

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