5 Healthy Reasons to Choose Ceramic Tile For Your Next Project

5 Healthy Reasons to Choose Ceramic Tile For Your Next Project

There is no area of your home that cannot be adorned with tiles.

There is no area of your home that cannot be adorned with tiles. Whether it be the walls, floors, backsplashes or the indoor-outdoor space of your home, tiles can every nook and cranny look ravishing. Apart from the looks, there are several other reasons that make tiles the most preferred choice while taking up new projects.

The primary reason for tiles being commonly used is their low maintenance and installation cost. Believe it or not, tiles also ensure some health benefits to some categories of people. We tell you what these are and who can benefit. 



Many people choose ceramic tile flooring for health reasons. Ceramic tiles are hard surfaces that don’t allow allergens to hide. It is very easy to clean ceramic tiles. All this implies that the tiles have no hidden pollen, pet dander, dust mites, or any chemical allergens that are common to other floorings.

Ceramic tiles help to breathe easily in a clean environment. Also as there is no need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning the tiles, no fumes or toxin materials are released in the air or drain of your house that can cause any sort of allergy. These are especially beneficial for people who are prone to allergens.


Healthy indoor air

Pollution has become a major issue these days. Everything that we bring into our house has some effect on the quality of air that we breathe. Ceramic tiles are made of natural ingredients that are brought together and fired at high temperature during the manufacturing process. Thus, the resulting ceramic tile is inorganic and fully inert. Thus the tiles don’t produce or emit any volatile organic compounds in the air. Other floor and wall coverings may emit compounds like formaldehyde. 


Mold and mildew resistant

Mold and mildew grow and thrive on water and food. It is only ceramic tiles that do not let mold or mildew to grow on its surface. The reason is simple: ceramic tiles are made of inorganic ingredients that do not support hungry spores. Since these are tiles that are most easy to clean, you can simply splash some water to remove all te dirt. 


The texture is nice to touch 

Ceramic tiles look beautiful and the amazing patterns are simply stunning. Wanting to touch anything beautiful is a natural instinct. The texture of ceramic tiles adds quality to the touch and feel of the riles. Moreover, there are no chemicals used in the making of these tiles, so touching is safe. Kids can safely play on floors covered with ceramic tiles without attracting any sort of infection or disease. 


Non-combustible, with a cooling effect

Ceramic tiles stop the spread of fire as they are non-combustible. They don’t burn and thus will not emit smoke or emit toxins in case of a fire like other floorings do. Thus in case of fire the tiles will present a safe passage to move out. 

Also, these tiles have a cooling effect and do not trap heat during hot summer months. The tiles will help keep your space cool and are ideal for tropical climates.


Provide mental peace 

We all talk about physical health but we often neglect mental health. Not directly but indirectly, ceramic tiles provide mental peace as they are safe, hygienic, cool and value for money options. 

With other flooring options like vinyl, wood or marble, the installation and maintenance cost is high. Plus, their life is short. Also they get easily infected with pests or cannot sustain extreme temperatures. None of these issues crop up when it comes to ceramic tiles. Once installed, ceramic tiles work well for years. Thus they give us peace of mind and secure our mental health. 

People who end up spending a large amount of money year after year may face trauma, anxiety or fear which can negatively affect their mental health. Thus using ceramic tiles for your next project will greatly contribute towards your mental and emotional well-being.   

Consider any aspect and ceramic tiles will come on top. No wonder they are widely used tiles. Glazed, unglazed, woody, rustic, Fall inspired and more, Orientbell’s ceramic tiles have a wide range and you are sure to find something to your liking. 

One thing should be clear that irrespective of the tile that you choose, it will continue to be the safest and the most healthy option for your family. Orientbell guarantees the quality and longevity of tiles, so once you install them, they are sure to last for generations together.



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