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5 Metaverse apps you didn’t hear about

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta and everyone got excited about Metaverse. However, in fact this trend isn’t that new.

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta and everyone got excited about Metaverse.

However, in fact this trend isn’t that new. There were already a bunch of apps related to Metaverse. And many of them were already in the top 100 on the App Store.

In fact there are already a lot of Metaverse apps, like Zepeto, Itsme, Reality Avatar, Roblox… Metaverse is not only associated with Oculus, VR or AR. It is also about web3, anonymity, crypto. So, there are many angles to Metaverse. It can have a good influence on Social Media, as in Metaverse you have a profile anonymity, so people are not that harmed by others appearance or pictures.

Replika app

Replika is a Metaverse dating app. You can create a virtual avatar and have regular chats. The quality of chats is pretty impressive and sometimes you can’t even distinguish them from a real person. When chats are becoming more personal, Replika offers you to change a relationship status.

By upgrading, you can also see Replika AR, get on voice calls and other features.

Zepeto app

With Zepeto, you can customize your own avatar and have Metaverse parties online. Send DMS, chat, share stories, news and inspiration in the Feed. You can easily design your own clothing and maps. This is another app, where it is super easy to create your avatar and hang out with friends online.

Itsme app

Itsme helps you to meet your friends as an avatar.

This app is like a messaging and video chat app for avatars. 

You can livestream as an avatar, participate in Video Chats, play drawing games and more.

The point is that you are not judged by your face. Just relax and enjoy the metaverse world.

Reality Avatar Live Streaming app

Reality is another avatar based app. It is also available on the web

This app describes itself as ​​Avatar Creator and Virtual Broadcasting App. Similar to other apps, you can create your avatar and live stream metaverse clones of yourself. Either broadcast live or watch others live.

BUD app

The BUD app is not a beer app. :) It was launched recently and it is already in the top charts in the US App Store.

The BUD app is like Minecraft with more social elements. You can create your own worlds and hang out there with your friends - chat, video & voice messages.

And similar to other metaverse apps, you can create your own avatar.


Metaverse apps started to get traction a few years ago. Majority of them came from Asia.

In the beginning it seemed super cringe, but in time more and more teens became hooked on the idea that interacting as avatars is actually fun. And it is much less harmful - you don’t need to compare yourself to other perfect bodies and expensive cars. Metaverse is also much better for keeping anonymity. If you are an introvert, being social on Metaverse is much easier.

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