5 Tips To Start Yoga For Men

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There is no doubt, yoga is one of the most popular workout trends today. Yet, there are few misconceptions about yoga among the beginners, especially men. For a few of them, it is a girly thing to do, any many others think yoga will change their body physique more like women. Some of them doubt that practicing yoga can help to achieve the fitness level they want. But the fact is, yoga is for everyone regardless of gender, age and fitness. If you are a guy who is looking forward to starting yoga, then below tips might help you to clear your thoughts on yoga.

1. Yoga is the manliest thing to you can do.

Yoga is not limited to gender. You might have seen many women tutors and teachers in yoga tutorial videos and websites but it is true that yoga is practiced by both men and women across the globe. You can get a different set of benefits based on your practice and determination though. There are particular postures for improving women and men health separately. Yoga helps to improve body conditions specific to gender but only to make your body and life better than before.

2. Tight yoga wears are not necessary.

It might sound funny but wearing that tight and fancy spandex is not necessary to do yoga. You can wear in whatever you feel comfortable. When yoga was started in India thousands of years ago, yoga gurus used to wear traditional attire to perform yoga. So it doesn’t matter what you wear but what you feel is important when you start doing yoga.

3. Yoga is different than gym workouts.

If you are a man who likes to sweat, it out in the gym and do hard train your body then doing yoga may feel weird to you in the beginning as there is no weight lifting or vigorous body movement in yoga. It is natural, later as you progress you will get more comfortable with it. Yoga doesn't just target a particular part of the body like arms, abs or legs like your gym workouts but the whole body is used. It will make your body flexible and tone your muscles as you desired, at the same time.

4. Take it from the basics.

If you work out regularly and thinking to take up advanced or intense form of yoga directly then you are doing it wrong. It is advised to start with the basic of yoga as it will help your body to adapt the workout, giving you less pain and more benefits. When you start with the basics of yoga, you will get a clear idea about the process and you will know how to take it forward. You will understand the depth of yoga when you know the base of it. You will explore spirituality and peace through yoga taking one step closer every day.

5. Yoga is more than stretches and poses.

As a beginner, yoga might look like another form of a workout but as you proceed you will feel it is beyond stretches and poses. With breathing techniques and meditation, yoga is making you calm and relax. It will help you to attain inner peace becoming more aware of the world around you. It will transform you into a more positive and confident person.

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