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What are the benefits of Ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga yoga is one of the most practiced yoga among different styles. This is one of the ancient practice which is considered as path of internal purification.

Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga recorded by Vamana Rishi in an ancient manuscript. It is
said that this manuscript contains numerous grouping of asanas as well as highly original
teachings on vinyasa. According to Yoga Sutras, Ashtanga is the path of internal purification
for revealing the universal self and mainly consist of several spiritual practices like:

  • Dhyana or meditation.
  • Samanthi or absorption.
  • Pratrahara or control of sense.
  • Niyama or self-purification.

It is said that the first four limbs are normally external cleansing practices while the last four
are internal cleansing practices. Also, there are several yoga studios that mainly focuses on
Asanas so that at the end you can get the full benefit of Ashtanga yoga. However, if you start
practicing the Asana, you will find out that you have the proper touch on the eight limbs.
Though there are no specific Ashtanga poses, the practice usually follows a series of yoga
poses that are designed to be extremely harder. For sure, it is this strict routine that makes
Ashtanga unique from other types of yoga. Practicing this type of Yoga, you need lot of time
and more than 200-hour yoga teacher training class. It is designed in a way such that each
previous pose is meant to be a preparation for the next pose. In most cases, it begins by sun
salutation, which is then followed by six standing poses that are the foundation of the other
poses after this will come four series which may vary in difficulty.
Due to the difficulty and strictness of the practice, it is relevant for it to be done under strict
supervision more so by a yoga instructor. A yoga instructor will make sure that there is no
injury and the series are correctly followed. The daily yoga practice that the Ashtanga
tradition calls for has unlimited benefits. Though these benefits may not be experienced from
the beginning, they will continually be felt such that these aspects are taken as unbeneficial,
but in real sense they are very helpful. Here are some of the numerous benefits you are likely
to experience if you correctly follow the poses in Ashtanga yoga.

1. Effectively relieves stress

Here, breath awareness is front and center in this practice. As you have a constant focus on
your breath, you happen to recognize the long-established pattern. It is this deeper
awareness that gives you the full freedom to breathe more effectively and changes the
patterns of unwanted behaviors. Also having a great awareness of the breath will extend to
all face lets of your life. For example, while you are in a heated situation, you will rather avoid
acting out of anger but wait until you are back to normal so that you can respond.

2. It creates a blueprint for wellbeing

If you consistently have Ashtanga practice, for sure you will ultimately get rooted to your
being. And after that, be guaranteed to feel a difference in your body. Without this practice,
you will clearly observe that you will be eating more poorly and also at sometimes feeling
more agitated. Also, if at any time you experienced some symptoms of depression, these
signs may slowly emerge. So that we can be able to live to our full potential every day, living
from our authentic self will be inevitable. In a world where there are numerous external
influences that take us away from nature, regular Ashtanga practice will surely take us back
to our center.

3. Takes you to another level

In most cases, everyone has ever been overstimulated. In such instances, family
responsibilities, work obligations and noise from outside overwhelmed our senses. A
dedicated Ashtanga practice will bring you back to yourself daily. This will keep you centered.
Moreover, your inner world will get replenished if not nourished so that there is more of you
to go around.

4. Physical strength

Ashtanga yoga mainly focuses on developing physical strength and muscle training. It does
this by simply rejuvenating your body, making it more flexible thus easy to control. The
opening series involves lots of poses, and many of them require core and arm strength. It will
not be so long when you start observing your stamina improve and muscle being stronger.
Additionally, you can move through the whole practice at your own pace.

5. Effective cardio workout
Arguably, it is the greatest yoga you can have if you have always desired to have a cardio
workout. While doing low breathing, it will help you get in shape, manage your weight and
stay fit. If it is done swiftly, these movements will gradually raise your heart rate. Also, the
regular sequence of Ashtanga postures done in the continuous fast-paced way will
guarantee you a sense of intensity. Again if you ever looked for a practice that has vigorous
styles, then this is the best option for you.

6. Gradually reduce body Fat

Since most of the Ashtanga yoga poses make use of body weight, those who practice it end
up getting a lean and toned body. Also, the performance of vigorous poses is known to
detoxify the body that aid in getting rid of excess fat from both the stomach and arms. In
short, it will promote greater body awareness making you a conscious eater.

7. Enhances Flexibility

As with most yoga forms, Ashtanga will gradually enhance flexibility when practiced daily.
Actually, these poses will work extremely well when practiced on a daily bases. A reduced
hamstring elasticity limit movement of the pelvic and after that increase the trunk angles,
which at the same time affect the health of the spine.

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