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From creating a buzz on Twitter by introducing a new hashtag to giving a new challenge to your audience on Instagram and Tik Tok, we have a list of ways to promote our brand with the help of the users. User-generated content or UGC is the content created by contributors who basically are an admirer of the brand. It is a method in which the users promote the brand instead of the brand promoting itself.

Apple realized that if their customers would vouch out on Apple’s behalf it will have an impeccable impact on the audience. Hence, when in 2015 there was large chaos amongst the users regarding the camera capabilities, Apple launched a campaign #ShotOnIphone to redeem the lost trust amongst the users. In the campaign, the pro users shared images captured on the iPhone under dim light in order to accelerate the capabilities of its lens. This not only made its users feel special but also reduced the cost of its marketing strategy. 

For 43% of TINT users and 42% of non-TINT users, UGC is an essential component of their marketing strategy. 

Are you looking for a potential market in order to promote your brand? Wait for me to list out some tactics to get the best from UGC! 

Good content is the key to directly connect with the audience. It reflects the brand’s efforts in leveraging the attention of the audience. Some of the key benefits of good content are:
⦁    It helps in increasing the brand awareness.
⦁    It generates strong credibility.
⦁    It helps in getting quality links.
⦁    It promotes lead generation.
  UGC will only be impactful if it supported by good content. It should motivate your followers to willingly promote your brand on every platform.

Social media and UGC go hand in hand. In order to build a strong relationship with your users, you must create a unique and effective UGC strategy. You may take the help of various hashtags in order to create a contest, challenge the users for the innovative video challenge or anything that is trending amongst the audience. This will lead to increased brand awareness, get a fan - base, fetching more traffic to your sit. 

According to the Stackla Consumer Content Report, 87% of search engine results count UGC as the second most influential factor for a purchase decision.  

Backlinks are the easiest and the most effective way to reach the target audience. A user can link your content to his blog and this can help the brand in improving its SEO ranking. This will eventually bring more audience. Keywords are the most essential part of this area. UGC helps in automatically generating these keywords which in turn leads to more audience.

Your audience is the best place to get solutions. Be it the latest trend of the market or be it regarding a minor change in the product - ask your audience and get the best solutions. The reviews of the customer, their comments, the content that your audience is sharing - all of these help in establishing an overview of the market. This will help you while planning new strategies, bring a change in the current strategy. All this can be done if you learn to observe the activity of your user. All you need to do is simply observe!


Personalize your data. Make efforts to know your audience. Find out the quality of the content that pleases the audience. Get an idea about what excites your audience and put the desired content on their feet. Your marketing initiatives should be such that it develops the brand-customer relationship. This will boost the value of the customers and help them to gain trust in your products. 

Hence, user-generated content can help you build a strong bond with your users. It will help you with your marketing strategies as well as your rebranding strategies. It lowers your cost of marketing and gives you a definite result that will boost your visibility and brand awareness. So, its a one-shot go with multiple benefits for you. 


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