6 tips to choose best suitable water heater

Planning to shop for the best water heater or geyser? Before considering its price or features, you must know about different types of water heaters available in the market. Each type of water heater has its unique functionality and water heating mechanism. This blog will help know about all water heaters that you can consider for your family or home.

No one can deny the fact that waking up early during the winter season is hard as hell. Especially for morning persons, bathing with freezing water can be hard. Just like all problems have solutions, this one comes with the solution too. With the increasing demand for hot water, a wide variety of water heaters available in the market have enormously evolved. Are you planning to buy the best instant water heater or looking for the best geyser under 5000? Wait, do not rush if you want to shop for a high-grade water heater for your home. Before you make your final decision, you should know about the different types of water heaters available in India.

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Instant Water Heaters


As the name suggests, instant water heaters have the capability to heat water instantly. These types of water heaters are apt for small families and individual users. You can easily find the best instant water heaters with storage capacity, ranging from 1L to 5L. For users that require instant water heating solutions, instant water heaters are the ideal option. Bajaj Flora Instant Water Heaters and Crompton Instant Water Heaters are counted among the top 10 water heater in India.


Storage Water Heaters


Storage water heaters are specially designed to meet the needs of big families or homes. All the best water heater brands in India prefer manufacturing storage water heaters as doing this will cover a large customer base. Whether you are looking for the best 35-liter water heater or the best 25-liter water heater, storage water heaters available in a wide of sizes and storage capacities. If you want to find the best instant geyser brand in India, then AO Smith and Racold are some options you may consider.


Immersion Type Water Heaters


These types of water heaters feature metallic heating elements and cable that is needed to be connected with the mains supply. Immersion type water heaters do not come with storage tanks. You can opt for brands like Bajaj and Crompton for buying immersion water heaters.


Gas Water Heaters


For those people who want to do maximum saving on huge electricity bills, gas water heaters can be the best option. These water heaters do not operate on the electricity and you do not have to invest when it comes to refilling the gas in such heaters. Gas water heaters are classified into two types – PNG and LPG water heaters. Many of these water heaters are the best instant water heaters with less storage capacity. Moreover, these heaters are also pocket-friendly.


 Solar Water Heaters


Solar water heaters capture sunlight for the purpose of heating water. Unquestionably, they offer an economical way of delivering warm water for your home or family by using sunlight which will not cost a single penny. These water heaters can offer you hot water all year round. Many of the solar water heaters come with a back-up heating system to meet your requirements when sunlight is not sufficient. If you want to shop for the best geyser water heater ensuring maximum energy saving, then gas water heaters are a good option.


Heat Pump Water Heaters


These types of water heaters are equipped with heat pump technology designed to meet the basic needs of people during winters. These water heaters extract heat from the air and transfer it to the water. Some heat pump water heaters come with a storage tank and back-up heating system, while other heaters function as an adjunct to conventional heaters.
Apart from the above-mentioned water heater types, some manufacturers have also designed solar and pump water heaters. They are a perfect combination of a solar heater and a pump heater.


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