Signs to Replace Your Old Carpet

8 Vital Signs to Replace Your Old Carpet

Do you want to change your old carpet with the latest ones? Well, it might be really difficult to convince your partner about replacing the carpets to improve overall look of your house. The home’s flooring is the first thing guests notice when they walk inside the house. This creates a great impression into their minds, sometimes for good and other times for bad. This blogpost discusses about 8 signs you need to get rid of your old carpet and purchase the new one for your house.

  1. Accumulation of mold and damage from water – If there are mold and water damage on the carpets, then this denotes you require new ones. The stain marks that occur due to water are really hard to remove and they happen due to leaky pipes in the kitchens, bathrooms, multi-storied houses or ceilings. This can be the reason for mildew and mold stain marks. So, you should detect the pipes for any kind of damage that may be the reason for water damage.
  2. Wear and tear of the carpet – If there is wear and tear on your old carpet, then this makes the house appear dirty. Worn patches can be fraying, matting and some flat areas indicate your carpet is really old and should be replaced. The carpet fibers usually get frayed and matted within 3 to 5 years. The longevity of carpets are usually 5 to15 years from the installation. So, if your carpet has lost its color and almost torn, this is the right time to get it replaced. Some areas where there is wear and tear are living spaces, stairs and hallways.
  3. Get rid of unwanted stain marks – If the carpet has been stained beyond your savings, then you should try to hide the stains with furniture and rugs. At the same time, you can begin your shopping for buying a new carpet for the floor. Stain marks occur due to wear and tear though accidents might take place at anytime. If coffee or red wine fall on the carpets, then it is really difficult to get rid of them. Having a dirty carpet means devalued house and so, it is a wise decision to get it replaced. You may take the help of a professional who can clean your carpet and remove unwanted stains easily.
  4. Remove smell from your old carpet – If your carpet smells badly, then this can be harmful for the entire house. Dirt, dust, allergens and food stains will make the carpet smell after several years of accumulation. If you find the carpet is stinking and you have tried out almost everything to get rid of the smell, then it is already time to replace it.
  5. Consider the age of the carpet – Carpets are meant to last for 5 to 15 years, at the most. This is why you do not have to replace the carpet often and can save money. Most people do not know about the age of carpet and the places that show your carpet has become old are where there is most traffic such as entrances, hallways and walkways. If you find your home’s carpet is really old, it is time you get it replaced.
  6. See overall aesthetics of the carpet – Your carpet might be outdated or you want to update your house with the latest design. Even though the carpet looked really good 10 years before, buying the new ones will make the rooms look fresh and refreshing. It is suggested that you visit different stores and find about the latest styles available in the market.
  7. Remove the allergens from the carpets – The carpets stick to allergens just like sponges. Dust, mites, dirt, pollen and other substances that hide into the carpets make them dirty. It is important to clean carpets regularly so that that they are dirt free. This will help to maintain improved health and hygiene in your home. The carpets need to be cleaned several times before they begin to wear and thorough cleaning will surely leave the allergens behind. You should hire a professional who can do the cleaning once in a year and increase the lifespan of carpet.
  8. Get rid of old padding – The padding below your carpets might degrade and age like the carpets.  They become extremely dirty and grime ground into it which damage the carpets completely. The lifespan of carpet padding depends on the type of material but the best ones will last for around 25 years. Unlike the carpets, the more amount of traffic on the pad, the lower will be the lifespan. It is quite sensible to replace the carpet at the same time like the padding.

With proper care and maintenance, your carpets are meant to last for a long time. But a carpet will become to appear old after a few years. When it is the right time to replace your carpets, consider the age and selling probability of a specific carpet. You need to get the recommended carpet cleaner in London to know about carpet replacement for the improvement of your lifestyle and requirement.

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