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A Guide to Epoxy Floor Systems

Epoxy Floor coatings have become the latest in contemporary stylish flooring systems. Popular in commercial and industrial applications, epoxy floors are also becoming sought after in residential homes. Our Epoxy Floor provides a highly durable and slip-resistant surface which will transform your dull and tired floors into a highly decorative and functional space. Crafted Crete Floors specialise in epoxy flooring finishes. We provide seamless attractive floor finishing to ensure a long-lasting maintenance-free solution to the residential and commercial sectors. For More Information Visit -

Many different forms of the epoxy floor are widely available for companies who need to pave a concrete floor. These epoxy coatings have features such as ease of maintenance and seal longevity. There are a variety of colors and applications to choose from. Coatings for non-slip surfaces and speckled paint schemes are examples of these. Applying an epoxy method is as simple as painting with a brush.

Various commercial enterprises need flooring that is durable and resistant to damage from heat, chemical spills, or other grime such as salt or oil. Typical flooring materials are usually not up to the task of providing a tough finish. The use of tiles, for example, is not practical for floors that are expected to receive heavy traffic. Coatings based on epoxy resins are probably the most durable coatings available on the market. Another benefit is the relative ease with which epoxy floors can be cleaned.

For some applications, resin and hardening agents must be mixed. Remember, before the epoxy can be applied to the surface, the surface must be well cleaned. If not, the coating can separate from the floor or not stick properly to the underlying surface. In particular, all greases must be removed. In auto repair garages these would be petroleum-based but there is also a problem in restaurants with organic fats and oils. They will cause the coating to not adhere just like engine oil will. Sealants can be used to further protect a floor.

It is not difficult to find an epoxy paint system for a given floor. Many home improvement stores have these resins on hand. It's crucial to have the right kind of coating. For example, many paints designed for cement floors do not contain epoxy and thus will not protect a floor properly. These paints are not designed to withstand the constant punishment of a commercial or industrial floor. Although concrete paint may look good on the patio, it will quickly wear off of the floor in a garage or food prep area.

It is a simple matter to apply epoxy floor paint. It is very similar to painting, but some precautions must be taken. The coating is designed to harden quickly once applied and exposed to air. This means that only small amounts should be mixed and used to apply or else it will harden and become unusable. Proper ventilation is necessary as with any type of paint product. The fumes could lead to dizziness and nausea during application. These basic precautions aside, epoxy floor paint will save businesses time and money over the long run and will also make the work area much safer for their employees.

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Epoxy Floor Choices

Epoxy floor coating is offering quite durable and striking options for residential, industrial, and commercial flooring purposes. Epoxy coatings are unrivaled in terms of longevity, lasting anywhere from 15 to 25 years depending on the form of coating and how it is applied. Epoxy floors have many advantages: they can be used in harsh industrial conditions, they are waterproof, and they are chemical and acid-resistant. It is both flawless and non-porous, eliminating any mold or bacterial growth on it. . Above all of these benefits, the most significant is its low cost. Epoxy resins, to be exact, have an almost infinite number of uses and benefits.

Most people are opting for epoxy flooring usually for garage floors. The garages today are not only meant for parking the cars, but they serve different purposes as well. Few are turned into playing areas or into game rooms with dart boards or pool tables. Thus Epoxy resin flooring offers an attractive, ideal, and easy to maintain flooring option for your garage area. You even get an added advantage of protecting your concrete flooring from oil stains and other chemicals to give extra life to the untreated floor.

Various other home areas where epoxy resin floors can be an excellent choice are a laundry room, basements, kitchen as well with various decorative styles. There is a range of variety in colors and combinations, with different patterns like squares, striping marble and terrazzo looks. These floors can be modified to create any kind of design and style. Any area in the home which is to be protected from moisture can have epoxy flooring as it is waterproof, and prevents water to seep through the substrate beneath.

Other industrial or commercial uses of epoxy floors include hotel kitchens, malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools, warehouses, retail stores, kennels, commercial complexes, office and school buildings, and many other places where heavy-duty floors are required. Epoxy floors prove to very valuable in slippery areas, where extra traction is required like loading docks, ramps, aisles, walkways, etc. These coatings can be directly used as a top of concrete or any other floors, like damaged floors, etc.

Thus not only the residential area but epoxy floor options are great for commercial and industrial purposes. With additional benefits and cost-effectiveness, this option proves to be the best as compared to other floor materials. These days you will find an ample number of designs and styles in the market that will give an attractive and eye-catching look to your home, garage, or wherever they are installed.

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