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AC Purchasing Guide For Bangladesh, 2021

Purchasing an air conditioner is never easy because you need to think about a variety of factors. The factors that decide your selection of the supreme Air cleaner for your home include performance to energy pricing and savings to the Air purifier's attributes.

Purchasing an air conditioner is never easy because you need to think about a variety of factors. The factors that decide your selection of the supreme Air cleaner for your home include performance to energy pricing and savings to the Air purifier's attributes.

Before Buying the Whirlpool ac for your house, you should know what the Air purifier tonnage or capacity signifies and how the star ratings are arrived at.

Air Conditioner Tonnage

In simple, you can also say that Air conditioner's tonnage is its capacity to get rid of a particular amount of heat from the room in an hour.

We won't go much into the scientific aspects of cargo since they are not required for deciding about the ideal Air conditioner for our homes. We focus on other elements which help determine the right Air purifier tonnage for our loved ones.

Room Area and Volume

Bangladeshi Bedrooms usually have their ceiling at the height of around 10 feet. This table must make it comfortable for you to choose the ideal tonnage for your room.

For academic interest, a 1.5-ton Air conditioner consumes around 1400 W/hr. of power. It translates to approximately 1.5 to 2 units within one ampere-hour. It is a familiar figure because the actual waste depends on many other factors.

The Room Location

Chambers facing the sun or the western area have a greater danger to sunlight. Hence, they tend to heat faster than the rooms that don't have direct solar exposure.

Likewise, the chambers on the apartment top flats have their ceilings shown directly to the sun. Such spaces want you to go for a higher capacity.

The number of Windows in the area also plays a crucial role. The amount of furniture and electrical appliances in the area are also determining factors. If there are more individuals cramped inside the site, the heat levels are higher. Hence, it would be best if you had Air conditioners with higher tonnage.

The Temperature Outside

In areas Such as Dhaka, the summer heat can be oppressive. The temperatures outside could touch over 36 degrees Celsius. Simultaneously, Areas like Camilla do not witness such fever in summer. Hence, the requirements for a house in Dhaka won't be the same as for a home in Camilla.

It suggests that picking the ideal tonnage is never an easy task. On the other hand, the table listed above should give you a fair idea of this Air conditioner capability in your area.

Features to look for in the ideal Air conditioner

Split Air Conditioner

Now, no one prefers window air conditioners. But they provide excellent performances in maintaining the temperatures cool.

Compressor -- Whether to go for an inverter compressor

The compressor is the heart and soul of an air compressor. The appliance's efficiency depends on the compressor.

Split Air Conditioners come equipped with either a conventional compressor or an inverter compressor. The difference is in the operational mode.

The Conventional compressor motor rotates at a fixed speed. Since the machine accomplishes the established humidity levels, the compressor stops working. The lovers keep working to maintain the temperature within the space. When the room temperature goes over the threshold, the compressor begins functioning again.

The inverter compressor differs because the rotors rotate at varying rates, depending upon the cooling system requirements. This compressor does not stop as long as the Air conditioner is powered on. However, it consumes less energy due to its varying speeds. Compared to conventional compressors, the inverter models are better at performance and energy efficiency.

Different Operational Modes

Air Conditioners Functions in various manners, depending on your cooling demands. Different manufactures may provide other names, but the procedures are similar. However, you should also note that all these features might not be available in all Air conditioners.

Instant Cooling Mode

The primary functionality of the air conditioner is to cool the space as quickly as possible. But, there are times when you want instant cooling as you switch on the Air conditioner.

The Immediate Cooling Mode in certain brands enables this facility.

In this mode, the Air conditioner fans work at a more incredible speed than the usual way. Hence, the airflow is much better, and there is quicker cooling.

Sleep Mode

It can be difficult for you to turn off and on your Air conditioning during the nighttime as it might disturb your sleep. The Sleep Mode available on nearly all AC in this pricing range operates by raising the temperature by one degree per hour for a couple of hours. Subsequently, it maintains the temperature at constant amounts.

Eco Mode

This mode is not available in all Air conditioners. The Eco Mode is a power-saving mode that adjusts the temperature, atmosphere and fan speeds, depending on the cooling system requirements. As the compressor runs at varying speeds, it conserves electricity.

Dry Mode

The Dry Mode is the perfect one to possess in the monsoon season. During the rainy season, the humidity and moisture levels are high. Hence, the interiors can be uneasy. The Dry Mode utilizes dehumidifiers to eliminate humidity and cool the space. This mode requires the fans to run at slower speeds.

Copper Coils vs. Aluminum Coils

The debate between copper and aluminum coils will always rage. These two metals are helpful in regards to efficiency and performance. Copper coils are better at heat transfer than aluminum, whereas aluminum coils are cheaper. Copper is more substantial than aluminum. At the same time, aluminum has better malleability. On the maintenance front, copper coils are better because they have rust and corrosion-resistant properties.

Air Conditioner Manufacturers use various technologies to safeguard aluminum or aluminum tubing. Blue Fin Ocean and technology Black technologies demand coating the tubes with a special coating to protect them from corrosion, rust, humidity, moisture, and salt. It gains importance in coastal regions where the humidity and salt levels are more outstanding.


The coolant is a vital aspect of an air compressor. The most common refrigerant is R32. Also, it has the least Global Warming Potential amongst comparable refrigerants. In any case, it has zero ozone depletion potential. Consequently, it is one of the most environmentally-friendly refrigerants on the market.

Other Features

Apart from the main features mentioned above, it would help if you searched for other components on your Air Conditioning.

Smart Diagnosis

We are living from the smartphone age, where you can control digital appliances utilizing smartphone programs.

The air conditioners offered in this respect come with features like Smart Diagnosis, where you're able to diagnose various errors if there are any issues with your Air conditioner. It makes for easy troubleshooting.


A number of the newest Samsung ac models feature self-cleaning attributes where the appliance retains functioning for a while after switching off it. It uses the condensed water from the evaporator tubing to wash the machine and guarantee it is about to deliver excellent performance when you switch it on again.

Stabilizer-free operation

Voltage Changes are common in Bangladesh. Such cases can cause damage to the Air Conditioner's expensive components. Hence, people used external voltage stabilizers in the past. It has eliminated the need for a stabilizer.

Air Filters

Air Conditioners come equipped with filters to get rid of dust and other allergens from the air you breathe. Some latest Asthma patients and elderly adults would love their Air conditioners to possess these attributes.


Power outages are also common in Bangladesh. When there's a power cut, the Air purifier components stop functioning. Generally, you needed to reset the temperature settings after the resumption of electricity. Midea ac include an auto-restart quality that enables these appliances to resume operations from where they left off in the power clip.

Last Words

We have discussed every aspect of the air purifier that you need to concentrate on if purchasing one for your property. This purchasing guide has simplified the procedure, whereby it shouldn't be an issue for you to choose the ideal Air conditioner for your home.



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