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The right businesses know about Salesforce. But the truth is- not everyone knows about this tool in the right kind of detail. We try to bring you a healthy dose of Salesforce and its aspects, that will help with Salesforce app development.

In the international market, Salesforce is a name that commands immense respect for everything it does. If you are an aware business owner, you surely have heard of what it does. If your business operations are on some other planet, only then you don’t need Salesforce, if truth be told.

Before discussing the different aspects of this tool and topics like Salesforce consulting services, it’s also important to know what this term, solution, and technology are all about.

What is Salesforce?

In the simplest terms, Salesforce is a highly comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) platform that allows for better streamlining of all the activities and processes of businesses across multiple domains and industry verticals.

A cloud-based software, marketing, and sales are two business operations that find new meaning with Salesforce. The company was first founded in the year 1999 by Marc Benioff as a SaaS company Software as a Service). The initial aim of this company was to increase the convenience of the software purchasing process by cutting the related costs of set-up, maintenance, and upgrading on a regular basis.

It’s for a number of reasons that Salesforce is the leading company in Cloud technology.

Features of Salesforce

Needless to say, being the leader, the Salesforce platform is loaded with amazing features that allow businesses to make its use so universally acceptable.

Here’s a small rundown on Salesforce features and how it has made every Salesforce CRM development company churn out proficient solutions-

Tracking Opportunities

One of the most amazing Salesforce features, the platform allows easy access to different customer timelines. To add to it, teams can also view the stage of a particular deal that is very decisive to take the next step.

Wait. There’s more. The multiple template options allow for a seamless mailing process to every single client.

Managing Contacts

With Salesforce, it’s pretty smooth going as far as contact management is concerned. The platform enables highly efficient access to customer data and their deal history, which provides a lot of healthy insight to the customer behavior and pattern related to any particular product or service.

Managing contacts through the Cloud makes it very easy to collaborate with the organization, as sharing important documents and related information is pretty easy when done through proper Salesforce development services.

Einstein Analytics

With Einstein Analytics, you get sophisticated business intelligence to take care of complex sales insights. Through this analytics tool, users get connected to sales and community clouds that can be effortlessly embedded into the dashboards.

Data security is always high on the priority list with Einstein, which is because a very high number of business houses share their data and gather intelligent insights through this tool.

Salesforce Services on Offer

This was about Salesforce, the CRM platform. Now, there are also a number of other services that it provides, allowing companies to choose the tool that is perfectly suited to their needs and requirements.

You can have a look at some of the different services and Salesforce products with a brief overview-

Marketing Cloud

This is the best Salesforce service that enhances the overall customer engagement. With the marketing cloud, there is 360-degree visibility of all the customers. As a digital marketing platform, creating a customized experience through multiple channels like sales, service, marketing, etc. is a breeze.

Service Cloud

This CRM platform is dedicated to Support and Customer Service. For those looking to deliver personalized service and swift support to their customers, this Salesforce CRM solution is just perfect.

Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the solution that can be easily integrated with any of the solutions that are made available with Salesforce development services. With this, data gets easily accessed from all the channels and sources.

The most promising aspect is its interactivity, where insights are visually represented through infographics. This helps in quicker decision-making.  

Salesforce Working

Salesforce is the very first cloud-based CRM software in the world. It makes use of cloud computing for sending out software to multiple businesses pretty economically and gives them CRM access. As a result, companies function more efficiently, interact better with customers, and dramatically improve employee-customer engagement.

Salesforce also provides the employees with a lot of flexibility, which leads to better customer service in the end. It has covered every important business operation to ensure ease in collaboration at all stages.

Closing Things

Without a doubt, customer relationship management is at the heart of any business enterprise. From brand positioning to brand image, it governs every single thing. With the right Salesforce consulting services, success and better customer relationships become a reality.

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