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All Types of Essays Explained According to Their Difficulty Level

Essay writing has always been the most common type of assignments irrespective of the subject at all the academic and competitive level.

"The pen is mightier than the sword," the pen itself is not enough to make an effective writer”

 – Shakespeare

Essay writing has always been the most common type of assignments irrespective of the subject at all the academic and competitive level. However, the conventions of English essays are considered to be more formulaic than it seems to be. This makes student often search for an essay writer who can write their essay. There are various professional writers available at the online platforms that are always ready to help students with all kind of paper-writing needs. They provide essay writing services that offer content and essays on different types of topics in the format that has been asked by their respective universities to be followed. Students look up to the essay writing help for attaining better grades along with the conceptual clarity that will help them learn for their next essays regarding writing good essays.


These are various types of essays that are expected to be written by students as a part of their academic curriculum. Students need help with essay writing as their professors expect their essay to be well-researched, scholarly written, along with written in a proper academic format. Given below are the types of essays regarding which the students often look for help. 

  1. Expository Essays: These types of essays entail the explanations of the ideologies, institutions, philosophies, circumstances, researches and so forth. 
  2. Research Essays: Research essays are a type of academic essays that are well-organized and clearly-written based on original research which often includes research of source material and synthesizing the outcomes with the author’s idea. A typical structure of a research essay includes introduction, body, and conclusion like every other essay. However, research essays are more technical and include the selection of a research question, making notes of findings, and working on the soul of the essay. 

3.    Definition Essays: These types of essays provide explanations of abstract concepts. This involves writing essays by involving a lot of critical analysis.

4.    Descriptive Essays: These are the essays that are concerned with the use of figurative language for describing a person, thing, place, experience, or event.

5.    Reflective Essays Universities have included reflective essays in the academic curriculum as it has been considered to potentially develop the student of any background personally as well as professional along with improving and making their work-based practice more efficient. 

6.    Compare/Contrast Essays: Writing comparative essays are considered to be a complex task by students. These essays require comparing and contrasting different aspects of a topic with rationale supported with literature.

7.    Argumentative or Persuasive Essays: These essays are required to be written with extensive research. However, it takes a lot of time to write an argumentative essay because of which students take help with their essay writing tasks.

8.    Reaction/Analytical Essays:  Analytical essays are considered to be scholarly written pieces that entail both extensive research as well as critical analysis. 


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