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Top 10 Schools in Noida According to HT Survey 2010

During the time of admissions, many newspapers and websites conduct surveys and undertake evaluations to judge the merit of a school. Making it to the list is prestigious for the many schools that compete for parent’s attention. Most of the schools have their USPs, for example, an international school in Noida may offer the Global Montessori program for its youngest students.

 But what are the things that are considered by newspapers, websites and others who conduct these surveys? How do they decide which schools make the cut for say, the top 10 Noida Schools?

Well, we are creating the factors that surveyors consider and are working

Academic Rigour: 

This criteria takes into account the academic performance of students in all schools in Noida. Once an in-depth evaluation of all schools was done, points are assigned as per the criteria of the survey.

Extracurricular Activities:

The hallmark of a good school is not just academics. Whether a school provides wholesome education to its students in the form of extracurricular activities or not is also an important factor. This is so because it allows students to explore their interests outside of academics.


Another essential criterion is sports. This criterion is based on the following parameters:

●        Promotion of sports.

●  The school's involvement in inter-school, and inter-state sports competitions.

●     The existence of sports infrastructure. Here, the school is judged on the presence of proper playgrounds, football fields, basketball courts, etc.

Competence of Teachers:

The competence of teachers is also taken into account to decide which schools make to the list. This criterion considers the educational qualification of the teachers employed by each school for all grades from KG-12.

Individual Attention to Students:

A good school is a school that nurtures. Taking this underlying sentiment into account, schools are evaluated based on the attention given to students by teachers.

Infrastructure facility:

Infrastructure plays a big factor in shaping the educational growth of children. A school should have proper classrooms, enough chairs and tables, well-equipped libraries, functioning washrooms, computer rooms, and music and art rooms.

Value For Money:

Many parents invest a buttload of money on schools that are expensive as long as the school is reputed and offers world-class education and facilities. So, another criteria to judge the quality of schools in Noida was the value for money it provided. Some main questions highlighted for grading schools were: Does the school offer value for money? If it's expensive, does it live up to the hype?

Innovative Teaching:

With modernity, teaching has also seen many transformations and innovations. Schools that encourage innovation in teaching and adapting to new mediums and technologies will get a higher listing. Schools that have not stepped up in this department have not been graded well.

Parental Participation:

Another criterion that was used to grade schools was parental participation. How much or how little parental involvement was encouraged by different schools in Noida is evaluated to grade the school.?

Safety and Hygiene:

Whether a given school upholds safety standards and promotes good hygiene facilities was another factor that was considered to arrive at this list of the top ten schools in Noida.

Life Skills Education:

Life skills is an important part & parcel of schooling. So, this was included as another criterion for deciding if a school in Noida makes it to the coveted list of the top 10 schools in Noida.

Social Accountability:

Last but not the least, a school's social accountability was closely studied and monitored to grade the school.

 The above criteria are what parents should also consider while selecting the best school for their children.




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