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AR/VR - Latest Technology Trend in Mobile Applications

The AR/VR market around the globe is estimated to grow from $3.5 billion in 2021 to $198+ billion in the upcoming years. Its quick adoption and implementation in mobile applications will help businesses to stay ahead of the competition.


Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality have transformed the shape of mobile app development in the 21st Century. With the rise in demand for AR/VR mobile applications, many IT companies have understood the opportunity of integrating these technologies into their mobile app development process. Many IT experts believe that user experience is the most significant thing for mobile applications & that’s where AR/VR plays an elemental role.

What is AR/VR?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are often confused but they can be called technology cousins rather than twins. In simple words, AR adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone whereas VR implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world.

Let's understand how Augmented Reality App Development will benefit businesses in the future.


AR/VR Helps in Engaging Customers.

Mobile applications are a widely available distribution platform for businesses to bring their services to millions of new users. AR ticks all the right boxes to bring the power of wonder and surprise instantly to your customer's fingertips, all wrapped in a visually enticing and personalized package.  

Snapchat has been a real pioneer in bringing AR to the mainstream through its filters, which are applied to image and video messages sent and received by active users.

Improved Business Efficiency.

There has been a tremendous change in how business operations are being carried out these days. Thanks to Extended Reality App Development, Business owners can now conduct meetings, teleconferences in a more monotonous way that has led to proper time management & elimination of travel costs that would have been spent attending meetings in distant places.

Improved User Engagement.

User Interface is a crucial feature of app development that improves user engagement. App developers understand the significance of user engagement and create VR apps that have an enriched User Interface. The AR/VR apps provide users with real life-like experience. This ensures users are fully immersed in the app while using it.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty.

Virtual Reality App Development which is an extension of the Augmented Reality App Development has become a favorite addition among app users. They have supported marketers to reach their prospective customers and interact with them directly. Companies have taken the benefit of this technology and have created apps that have allowed them to promote their products. They have also been able to understand the needs of their customers and therefore provide them with products that meet their requirements by increasing brand loyalty.

Summing Up

The technology of VR and AR is really catching the ground right now. Also, these technologies have already made their impact on the application markets. However, there is still some room for advancement.

There are many businesses that are yet to recognize the importance of VR and AR. Well, the potential for technologies is unquestionably on the rise. With the increasing demand for AR/VR apps, businesses are trying to get their brands to a whole new level of success & stand ahead of their competitors.

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