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Best AC Shopping Guide 2020: Inverter vs. Non-Inverter

It is that sexy part of summertime, and a few days appear to be excruciating. Maybe it's time to buy that fresh AC you have been eyeing for a while now.

It is that sexy part of summertime, and a few days appear to be excruciating. You open the glasses hoping to let the breeze, but if the weather app on your mobile reads “feels like 45⁰C", you instantly know that there are no winds now to come to rescue you. Maybe it's time to buy that fresh AC you have been eyeing for a while now. On a day like this, that does not sound like such a terrible idea.

How an Air Conditioner works

The mechanism of an air purifier is more straightforward than you might presume. It gets in the air from an area, in a nutshell, cools it by passing it through an evaporator, and blows it back to the room. A common misconception prevails that ACs take to stand out of the outside unit, but they work with the internal air in reality. Together with an evaporator, an AC also includes a compressor to cool the gas inside, which in turn cools the incoming interior air from the space. AC compressors traditionally turn on or off automatically or in ACs with current inverter technologies and operate continuously at varying speeds. In both forms, the compressor tries to maintain a steady temperature in the room.

Inverter or non-inverter?

Together with the advent of new technologies, we frequently get enhanced ways in existing products. The latest inverter ACs is becoming more popular lately, and the question arises as to whether or not they are Panasonic better than old-fashioned non-inverter ACs. Let's take a peek.

A Non-inverter AC has a compressor working at a predetermined speed, which means that the room will keep getting colder if the compressor has been left. The AC keeps the user's desired temperature by merely turning off the compressor when it is too cold, then back on when it is too warm compared to the user's setting. On the flip side, an inverter AC will have its compressor operating continuously. Instead of shifting it off, it will gradually slow it down or speed it up to keep the desired temperature. Inverter AC can more correctly maintain a steady temperature and are a lot more comfortable for those sensitive to even the slightest changes. They also consume less power because they avoid entirely needing to switch on a powerful compressor every couple of minutes. Even though it looks like an inverter is your very best thing to do, here is a complete list of pros and cons for both kinds of ACs.

Other Items to consider

Aside from picking between an inverter and non-inverter ACs, here are some other factors you may wish to consider before buying:

Usage: If You're using the AC at least 4--5 times, which is likely given the scorching heat, then going for AC price in Bangladesh could be the best option. Even though the original cost of AC price in Bangladesh is high since it saves on power and is energy efficient, within a period, you are spared from the massive electric bills.

Space Size: An inverter AC's fundamental function is that it controls the compressor and the fan speed, hence maintaining the capacity of an AC. So inverter AC will be an add-on for average-sized rooms. However, because inverter ACs work inefficiently under intense temperatures, a Midea ac price in BD might be more useful for larger rooms.

Humidity: If you stay in a very humid region, inverter ACs will not be as effective as the salt in and nearby the AC will gradually damage its components. You will be inclined to possess high repair charges.

What brand if I opt for?

You will find an abundant variety of AC brands available in Bangladesh. Here's a glance into some of those brands.


Whirlpool has been around for quite some time, with some ACs to offer you. They are excellent for houses and homes. Their multitude sizes also have a wide selection.


The Majority of us Panasonic currently have a far wider choice. They're priced somewhat on the higher side, but occasionally there are reductions available.


From mobile phones to fridges to washing machines to air conditioners, Samsung manufactures a vast selection of products, which allows it to be one of the leading brands in the Bangladeshi market. Samsung ac price in Bangladesh offer the same caliber as its other appliances, with the bonus of innovative designs.


The comparatively new brand has quickly climbed to the spotlight in the domestic sector. Hitachi has a range of electronics products, and their ACs are growing more popular daily.


Overall, for effective cooler, but its high power consumption simplifies its experts significantly. If you're watching for relatively good cooling and also anything you decide to go for, remember the other determining aspects such as room dimensions, expected Includes a massive choice of ACs readily available in a lot of brands from numerous check it out and bring home the relaxed experience of Whirlpool ac price in BD today!

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