Best Free VPN for Windows

Best Free VPN for Windows

In the recent few years the usage of VPN has increased very fast in India. There are many reasons for this. Most people use Free VPN for recreational purposes. So many people do it to maintain their privacy. Not only does it provide a free Windows VPN Privacy Shield, but also its many
You will get to see the benefits. So should you use a Best Free VPN for Windows?

In today's era, where your data is becoming so important, this is the reason that millions of hackers are eyeing it. So its safety is important. You can't just save it with Best Free VPN. But nowhere will it get a Privacy Shield. Which is very important in today's time.

We tested a lot of Free Windows VPNs. And believe me it took me a lot of time to do it. After a lot of hard work, we have come in front of you with the post of 7 Best Free VPN for Windows In Hindi. I am sure you will like this post a lot.

Best Free VPN for Windows in Hindi

Proton VPN Free

We put ProtonVPN at # 1. Until a few years ago, we could not use ProtonVPN for free. But it can be seen right now that ProtonVPN has also started offering free service. The best policy of this VPN is that it does not share your logs with anyone. I really liked ProtonVPN's Interface. It is very attricativ.

In ProtonVPN you do not get to see much Limitsession. Usually this is rarely seen. You can use unlimited data in one day, you are not put in any kind of bond. On this website you will not get to see a single advertisement.

You can enjoy it only after signing up. Its installation process is also quite simple. Here you do not get to see P2P support, and when a lot of users use it simultaneously, you can get a lot of speed.

[+] No monthly data limit!

[+] Great on the privacy front

[+] No Data Limit

[-] Speed ​​Occasionally Slow

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is quite a famous VPN. And this is mostly done to unlock the us website. It gives you up to 500MB of data daily. That is, you get up to 15 GB of the month. This is very less for us Indians! But still you can use it.

Its Chrome Extension is also seen, as well as its Android Application can also be downloaded. In this, you get to see Connection Speed ​​Up to 2 Mbps as well as military-grade encryption is also given for security.

[+] User friendly

[+] Most premium version features

[-] same server

[-] Data is limited.


You can also create an account here without email. Just don't forget the password or Username, the account will not be able to be found again! So in this, you get to see up to 10GB of data for the month. You can finish it in a day or keep running a little. Yes i have 50GB

Windscribe does not keep your connection logins. In addition, IP stamps and which websites you have visited on any site (visited sites) are also not stored. Windscribe collects some of your data, but your data is erased within a few minutes as soon as you end the session.

Apart from this, you get to see the built-in Ad Blocker and Firewall. Sometimes your speed can be slow because it has a lot of users. You can take its Premium Version.

[+] 10GB of data per month

[+] strengthening privacy policy

[-] Speed ​​sometimes comes slowly.

The interface of VPN is quite simple. This is why it is very easy to use. Here you get to see up to 10GB of data for the month. It has 5 server locations. If you take its Premium Subscribtion, then you can get 70+ locations. In this, you are also given Split Tunneling, Stealth Guard, Advanced IP Leak Protection, IPv6 Support, Advanced Protection of WireGuard®. also does not store logs of any kind. Those who are very concerned about privacy can go with it. Apart from Windows PC, it is also available for Mac and Android Os. Its performance is also good. Overall, it has very less bonding and it also takes care of Previcy.

[+] Strong on privacy

[+] Speed ​​is the same.

[-] Only One Device


As the name itself suggests, Speedify means that you will keep Internet Connection as fast as it was before being connected. You will get to see streaming quality quite well. Usually, you cannot even think of streaming in Free VPN. But it claims that you are not going to have any problem in streaming.

Speedify's new look is quite different and attractive. This gives you 2GB Per Month. Apart from this, Super Secure Encryption, Automatic Failover, Servers Worldwide, Redundant Mode will also be seen.

[+] Great Speed
[+] Great on the privacy front
[-] Software has some low-level controls


This VPN is quite different and different. Its user interface is quite simple. In this, you get to see more than 20 servers. And up to 500MB of data is given every month. So you get to see a lot of restriction here. So you can use it for streaming or torrenting

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