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Here is your EML to MBOX Converter for both Mac and Windows

Want a converter that will convert your EML files into Apple Mail MBOX format quickly? You have landed at the right place.

Want a converter that will convert your EML files into Apple Mail MBOX format quickly? You have landed at the right place.

The Mailvita EML to MBOX Converter can convert your EML files into Apple Mail MBOX format at a high-speed. Also, the application works smoothly in both Mac and Windows versions. The application is friendly enough that even if you do not have technical knowledge you can convert EML files into MBOX format easily.

Several advantages are provided to the users of this application. Besides this, it is a unique platform where users can see a healthy conversion. Even if there are corrupted files the application will ignore those files and will provide you the accurate result. Apart from this, it can be used in any Windows or Mac operating system. The application also supports multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

Why there is a need to convert EML files to MBOX format?

EML files are not supported by many email clients whereas the MBOX files are supported by many, therefore, the user has to convert their EML files into MBOX format to work in many other email clients.

In addition to this, contacts and journals can be stored in MBOX files but can’t be stored in EML.
Therefore, moving EML files to MBOX format will be a bright decision.

Steps to convert

There are few steps to follow to convert EML files into Apple Mail MBOX format. These steps are easy to perform. Let’s have a quick observation of these steps:

Step 1- Download the application in your Windows or Mac Operating System
Step 2- Install the application
Step 3- Select the EML files that you want to convert into Apple Mail
Step 4- Now choose the path where you want to save your converted EML files (you also have an option to create a folder for saving the file)
Step 5- Click on the “convert now” button

With these easy steps, you will be able to convert the EML files into Apple Mail MBOX format. These steps are easy to perform and can be performed by any novice user.

Any kind of technical assistance will not be required for this as the application also provide some screenshots of the steps for the users so that no user faces a problem while doing these steps.

Features of the application

Coming to the features of the EML to MBOX Converter, the converter has abundant features that make it enriching. We will focus on some of these features.

Below are some features of this amazing tool:

•    Provide any size conversion: - The application resists any kind of size restriction. Users have full authority to convert EML files of any size. No limitation regarding the size of the EML file is carried by the application. Users are free to select any size EML files.

•    Specific file conversion: - Only EML files that are selected are only the ones that are converted by the application. Therefore, users get the desired result. Also, the application provides you the full support to select a specific file for conversion.

•    Bulk conversion: - The application will convert your EML files even if you choose them in bulk. The application supports the bulk conversion of data. Multiple EML files are converted by the application smoothly in an error-free way.

•    Customized saving: - Users can save the converted EML files where they want to save them. The application manages your files in an order that it will be very easy to search a specific file nerveless where you have saved it.

•    A 100% accurate conversion:- Without damaging the files the conversion process takes place and a full accurate result is granted to the users. There is no error by the application while converting EML files into Apple Mail MBOX format.

•    Easy to run: - Even with above mentioned advanced features, the application is still easy to operate and can be handled by any user. No specific kind of technical training is required for using the application.


Users must download EML to MBOX Converter for a smart conversion of their EML files into MBOX. The application is enriched in several features and provides an error-free conversion result to its users. Moreover, it has an advanced GUI interface that makes it easy to use and operate.

You can download the trial version of the application. This trial version is free and is available for every user. Even if you face any kind of problem regarding the working of the application you can call the help service of the application.

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