Best practices for delivering impressive content to your app readers

Content plays an important role in the engagement of your app. If you have built an app using WordPress app builder or are about to create one, lay special emphasis on this department.

Content plays an important role in the engagement of your app. If you have built an app using WordPress app builder or are about to create one, lay special emphasis on this department.

Your subscriber’s lifetime value relies on how you can engage and retain them and content plays an important role in the process.

By ascertaining the following points, you can increase your subscriber’s retention and create meaningful relationships. 

Deliver the best content at the most relevant times for your app readers and keep them hooked. Let’s get more in-depth knowledge to gain more engagement:

Encourage readers to subscribe by staging your options

Users need to know about your app and the categories you have made before they start using your mobile app. 

Sending the opt-in messages using push notifications right after the app gets installed in a user’s device can be more annoying than helpful. Instead, take the friendly route and encourage them to learn about the app and use it for their benefits. Stage your offerings clearly.

Highlight app benefits and encourage readers to use them

Be as specific as possible when you are telling your readers what they will get if they opt for the app.

It can be breaking news stories, new highlights, or more relevant content that can gather their interests. You need to highlight the benefits of choosing the app. Do not just plainly prompt users to stay in touch with information or communication.

Increase Click-Through Rates by reader-segmentation

The key is to create the highest user engagement on the app. Proper user segmentation can increase your click-through rate (CTR) by up to 218 percent.

You need to understand what categories of content your subscribers want to read. This way, you can segment your users by the type of story you want them to read. Also, you can segment these subscribers based on location, device, browser type, behavior and more.

Effectively deliver relevant content to your app subscribers

Once you’ve segmented your app subscribers, you can follow these strategies to provide relevant content worth reading:

Be concise: Summarise your content in a more specific way to hook your users.

Personalized information: If the information is more personalized and targeted, it is more effective for app readers. Also, if you include a user’s name, location, or reader’s history, it will be an excellent way to increase conversions.

Include a call to action (CTA) button or feature: Ultimately, the goal is to get your users to take action like any other marketing feature. Again, be specific about what you want them to do. Be it click through to read your post, slide to view more, or anything relevant.

Focus on the topics your readers care about

The first step is to put yourself in the shoes of your user. It is important to know about your app readers, and this should be your priority.

Make the content more relevant, useful, or pleasant for your users. It will make your messages infinitely more valuable.

Follow-Up with your app subscribers to improve their experience

You need to follow-up with your app readers to stay in touch. Leading them along their reading journey will add extra value to their experience. Make sure your users enjoy your app experience. 

Addressing your users by their names makes them feel special and enhances the app value. 

Implement the content best practices & takeaways

Delivering the right content to your readers helps you make the most of your app. Send relevant & tailored content they can truly appreciate.

If you follow this, there will be no reason left for your users to give your app, a cold shoulder. Keep experimenting with your app until you get it right. It will be worth the labour in the end.

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