Samsung ac price in Bangladesh

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Samsung is a very trustworthy manufacturer all over the world. Now I want to discuss the Samsung Air Conditioner.

Samsung Brand is a trendy brand worldwide for electronics products and home appliances. Lately, Samsung Company has launched several new air conditioners with a few appealing specifications. Samsung is a very trustworthy manufacturer all over the world. Now I want to discuss the Samsung Air Conditioner. This air conditioner capability is two-ton or 2400 Btu/h. Let us talk about this alluring Samsung air conditioner.


Experts: Cheap, Modern looks, broad assortment of features.                         


No inverter technology.

Samsung ac price in Bangladesh


Design makes the First impression of the majority of the goods. This Samsung air purifier seems nice. Its plan is a contemporary and ideal alternative for your smart living room. This air conditioner will not perform you down since the build quality of the air conditioner is quite decent. This air conditioner looks beautiful and modern from every angle. At this time, only white color is available all over the world. Perhaps most of the buyer enjoys white color for air conditioner. The outdoor unit also has beautiful and contemporary looks. We're also impressed by holding its remote-control. Its remote-control is gorgeous and easy to carry in 1 hand. Dimensions of its indoor unit are 298-millimeter height, 1,065 mm width, 243-millimeter depth. Dimensions of its exterior unit are 638-millimeter height, 880 mm width, 310 mm depth.

Power Consumption

Power consumption of the air conditioner is 1975 watts, operating current is 8.7 amperes, and the necessary power is 230 volts. The air conditioner is not inverter technology, so if you'd like a minimal energy intake unit, then this isn't for you. This unit isn’t BEE 5 star score, only 3-star rating, but remembers that if your primary concern is performance, not power savings, you can undoubtedly consider this excellent air conditioner. More stars mean more energy consumption. Five stars are the highest star rating for reduced power consumption. For 1st-hour real power consumption of the AC was 2.2 units per hour. This is a little bit high for a two-ton air conditioner. The electric charge of an air purifier is vast, so while buying air conditioner a lot of buyer requests about electricity consumption. So manufacture business making air conditioner with a favorite color or inverter technology.

Some Useful Features

There are a lot of useful features are available for this Samsung air conditioner. Nowadays, Samsung is supplying some excellent attributes with their air conditioner. The majority of the users like as much as features possible in their budget.

Multi Jet plus Technology

Samsung made with Multi jet plus technology with its new portable air conditioner price in Bangladesh. They were utilizing this technology for making condensers more robust and sturdy. Thickness was increased by 36 percent as compared to preceding capacitors. According to manufacture this technology, AC frees 30% faster and gives 20 percent more energy saving.

Smart Setup

This is a different kind of feature. For setup problems, you may face some cooling issues during operation. After installing this system by setup team, you can readily check the installation process done correctly or not. It would help if you pressed a button to begin this diagnosis. If it seems "beep" and 99 appears on the digital display unit, then your installation has done flawlessly. This feature is beneficial when you would like to diagnosis installation on you have. Most of the failure is occur for installation issues, so this is an essential feature.

Full HD Filter

Samsung is using the whole HD filter with its new inverter air conditioner price in Bangladesh. This high definition filter provides improve filtration so you'll get a fresh and clean room atmosphere. This HD filter can eliminate even microscopic dust out of room air. You can easily clean this filter by the water stream. We ought to clean the filter in 3 weeks period.

Great Sleep

Sleep is an essential activity for humans. That's why Samsung's useful sleep feature creates a perfect climate in your bedroom. This feature controls temperature and moisture very intelligently. Useful sleep attribute increases comfort level during sleep and conserves energy intake by up to 36%. The majority of the consumers are like this feature very considerably during the sleeping time for comfort and low power consumption.

Auto Sterile

All air conditioners can produce mold and spread germs because the gap between external and internal air temperature causes inner moisture. Internal moisture can easily convert into bacteria. Samsung introduces the automobile cleaning feature, which automatically runs the inner fan for 30 minutes, turning off air purifiers to maintain the internal part dry and bacteria-free. Other companies can also be implanting this useful feature.


Samsung atmosphere Conditioner has excellent technology for eliminating excess moisture from your surroundings. This is a beneficial attribute during a rainy day.

Turbo Cooling

Turbo cooling is a beneficial feature. By this feature, you can operate this air purifier at its highest possible speed to reach its set temperature quickly. Sometimes you need first cooling, so it's a beneficial feature for this situation.

Triple Protector

Samsung air conditioner price in Bangladesh has a triple shield for more excellent reliability and durability without compromise anything. Engine shield, Volt controller protector, Fin protector ensures the safety and provides perfect cooling for linger time.

Anti-bacteria Coating

This Anti-bacteria coating can filter small dust and viruses that you cannot see in the naked eye. Thus you are enjoying complete protection from unwanted bacteria. This coating, you can enjoy more refreshing air.


The total performance of the Air conditioner is impressive. Most of the users like its construction and outlook very much. Its current cost is TK 78,200, which is not very high. In comparison is to its features and functionality. This air purifier is two tons so that it can handle massive areas without any significant problem. We expected inverter technology from the manufacture. There are a lot of valuable features available with this attractive Air conditioner. We highly recommend this air conditioner. Thank you for Reading our short review.

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