View corrupt MDF file

Best Solution to View Corrupt MDF File in SQL Server 2012

Learn a simple method to view corrupt MDF file in SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and all below versions.

Data Corruption is too frustrating for all the users and the risk of losing crucial data is quite high. This can also lead to permanent data loss therefore in this blog we are going to tell you an easy and effective technique through which you can easily repair and view corrupt MDF file in SQL Server without any hurdle. This technique is simple and can also be applied to the damaged and orphan MDF files.


Overview of SQL MDF File

MDF file is the primary data file of SQL Database that stores all the database components such as Functions, Indexes, Views, Tables, Triggers, and Stored Procedures, etc. It is also known as the primary or master database file of the SQL Server. Each SQL Server database contains at least one MDF file.

Like other data files, MDF files are also prone to corruption due to which data access becomes difficult. If you are facing issues while accessing the corrupted MDF file, here we will provide you the best solution to repair and view corrupt MDF file in SQL Server. Before proceeding further, let’s take a quick glance at the factors that are responsible for the MDF file corruption.


Root causes behind corrupt MDF file

There are several factors behind the corruption in the SQL Server MDF file. All the main reasons are mentioned below, have a look at them, and prevent the MDF files from further corruption or damage.

  • If there is corruption in the storage device or media where database MDF files are stored.
  • If MDF files are stored in a compressed folder, then there are high chances of file corruption.
  • Any alteration or changes are done in the SQL Server account.
  • If users have deleted some data accidentally or intentionally from the MDF file.
  • Defected disk drivers.
  • If there is a network failure when the database file is in use.
  • Other major reasons for MDF file corruption are virus attacks, hard disk failure, sudden system shutdown, and abrupt power failure.


 After knowing the reasons for corruption let us know the best solution to view corrupted MDF file in SQL Server. 


Simplest Way to View Corrupt MDF file in SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000 

If you want the simplest and direct method to view corrupted MDF file in SQL Server then you must go with a reliable third-party SQL Recovery tool. It is an adept software using which you can View Corrupt MDF files in SQL Server without any hassle. It is a perfect solution to open and view corrupted, damaged, and inaccessible MDF Files. This tool solves all the problems that are faced by users while accessing the corrupted MDF file in SQL Server. It provides easy and simple access to view orphan, corrupted, damaged MDF files in just a few simple clicks. Moreover, this software recovers and preview the following objects of the SQL database- Tables, Views, Triggers, Stored procedures, and Functions, etc.

This tool is compatible with the MS SQL Server version 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and below. In addition to this, It does not require the installation of SQL Server. This utility is enough capable to scrutiny the orphaned as well as corrupted MDF file and show all the database components on the dashboard. 


What’s more –

· No file size limitation, the software support MDF files of any size and also has the capability to recover permanently deleted database component quickly.

· The user can save the scanned file as .str file. It will help you to save the scanning time as the scanning process take some time. The user can load the .str file and start working without scanning the file.

· Users can export the SQL MDF file directly to the live SQL Server Database or as SQL Compatible script.

· Simple and easy to use for all technical and non-technical users.


Efficient Steps to View Corrupt MDF File in SQL Server

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your machine and click on Open to load the corrupt MDF file.

Step 2:  Choose Advance Scan mode and check the Auto Detect option to detect the SQL Server version of the corrupt MDF file automatically. Check the box corresponding to the Recover Deleted Objects option to recover the deleted database components.

Step 3: Once the scanning process gets completed, the software will show you a preview of all recovered database objects. You can see all the database components like tables, functions, views, functions etc. Now click on the Export button to export the recovered MDF File.

Step 4: After that, fill all the details in export Window and then hit the Export button.

That’s it, in some simple steps you have completed the job.


Wrapping Up:

This blog is aimed to help the user when they face problems while accessing the corrupted MDF file in SQL Server. In the above blog, we have discussed a simple and reliable approach to open and view corrupt MDF file in SQL Server and even without SQL Server installation.

For your assistance, a trial edition of the tool is also provided. You can download the demo edition and check out the amazing features of the tool. Give it a try, I ensure you this software provides you the best results.



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