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Biggest Telehealth Benefits for Doctors and Patients

Before we begin, here are a couple of stats-

The global technology industry will be touching the $5 trillion mark by this year, i.e. 2021, with the growth rate pegged at 4.2%.

Hardware, software, and related services make up about a major 56% of the entire technology industry.

These trends are enough to show the growing impact of technology in the world today. As it evolves, getting connected has become easier than it ever was. From online shopping to something as vital as healthcare, everything is now possible, if it is ably brought into effect with technology.

Online healthcare, or telehealth, or telemedicine has been one of the most dominant industries impacted by the boon of technology. While it had a few takers before as well, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the development of telemedicine app development solutions on a much wider scale than imagined.

Telehealth- An Overview

With telehealth, the entire doctor-patient interaction becomes smooth sailing, where all that’s needed is reimagining the doctor visit through a digital device.

Telehealth enables a remote connection between doctors and patients with the aid of suitable technology. When we say remote, we mean that these services can be easily availed by anyone, in their homes, offices, or absolutely any place else.

From the doctors’ point of view as well, telehealth allows them to provide their consultation to patients from practically anywhere all over the world. For any telemedicine app development company, time was never as good as this, in terms of opportunities.

In today’s scenario, telehealth applications are Saas (Software as a Service), providing super-easy access to both doctors and patients to go about with what they need to do. Needless to say, there are a number of benefits for both, doctors as well as patients where telehealth is concerned.

Crucial Telehealth Benefits

Here’s a look at some of the most crucial benefits of telehealth-

1- Entirely New Business Models

As a business model, telehealth has completely transformed the way of customer-based care. Telehealth allows doctors and physicians to extend their work hours beyond their physical consultation premises, which allows them to look after more patients, leading to better business and a model of increased convenience for the patients.

2- Lack of Exposure to Ailments

As far as infectious and transmissible ailments are concerned, the healthcare workers and providers are at the maximum risk of exposure, due to the physical presence of patients. With telehealth, this need for presence gets eliminated, not just for the medical professionals but also for the patients, where they don’t need to risk their health and safety to head over and present themselves to their doctor.

3- Improved Patient Engagement

Everything is becoming value-based today, in a market where the competition takes center stage. This has pushed medical services and hospitals to indulge in engagement with their patients, where they wish to take care of themselves.

Proper treatment of patients does involve the process of how they take care of themselves in-between their scheduled visits. Telehealth brings remote monitoring to the front, which allows doctors and patients both, to keep their costs in control while also keeping the healthcare quality to appreciable levels.

4- Better Clinical Workflows

Telemedicine app development services have led to telehealth solutions helping in enhancing the overall efficiency of clinical workflows. As a technological solution, things become smoother as cases get prioritized, doctor-patient communication gets improved, and existing patient data allows for better information to make informed decisions for future treatment.

As a result, the levels of patient satisfaction go through the roof, and there is marked improvement in the efficiency of medical practices.


Telehealth, as a term and practice, did also exist decades ago, but as a technology, its growth can truly be credited to the coronavirus pandemic. While doctors and other medical practitioners get to organize their functions more effectively, the patients get quality healthcare at just the touch of a few buttons.

The technology, as well as the trend- both are here to stay. If you are actually on the lookout for leading telemedicine app development services, Consagous Technologies is the absolute right choice. With an experienced team and the latest working technologies, you will be completely satisfied without a doubt.

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