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There are various other services such as Tours and Taxi Jaipur (premium options available, but only in Jaipur) and RajasthanCab (which cover all major cities in North India), but require reservations one day in advance and prices are not as transparent.

Flying early the next morning? Or from a trip abroad? Booking a taxi can be a necessity when considering the distance and when friends and family don't promise favors or inconveniences. Delhi and Jaipur airports have not approached, nor are buses suitable for late night or early morning flights (not to mention that they are limited to a fixed destination that is not at home). If you travel with your family (assuming there are 3 to 4), the bus trip home costs nothing less than Rs. 400 / - to Rs. 650 / - (at the current price of Rs. 155 / - per person). The currently advertised fare of Easy Cabs is Rs.799 / - for any part of the city from the airport or Rs. 15 / - per kilometer, whichever is less. Taking a taxi home may not be a bad idea, especially if you are carrying large bags or have an international flight that you can reach odd hours of the night and don't forget to arrive at odd hours,

Booking a taxi is as easy as calling the taxi company. You will have to wait for the response from the customer service representative, provide the details, explain the instructions and receive the booking confirmation number. This process takes at least five minutes. Customer service representatives are polite and happy to talk to you, but doing it, for example, ten different destinations for different people, can be a thankless job and don't forget that the data may be incorrect. Sure, a confirmation message is sent to the phone almost immediately, but the booking process is now even easier thanks to the many booking options available on the Internet. Here are some of the most popular taxi services in Jaipur and Delhi.

Rajasthan Cab Jaipur

The website has an intuitive interface with the booking option directly on the homepage. The only problem is to first register for a Rajasthan Cab ID (there is a guest option, but registration makes the process faster and easier). This is cumbersome, but if this is not possible, the reservations are very simple and you do not want to enter them, the same withdrawal and return points are always saved on the Rajasthan Cab ID account. The form is simple with fields such as name, pick-up address, reference point, delivery, telephone number (cell / mobile phone numbers are preferred for all services to send the confirmation message) and the rates are quite simple. The minimum distance is five kilometers. Company registrations are also allowed and there are special rates that can be negotiated. If you don't have time, write to Rajasthan Cab at +91 9358811941 and a customer service representative will call you back as soon as possible. Online reservations must be made at least four hours in advance and advance reservations can only be made Jaipur two day tour in advance. The most refreshing aspect is that the booking confirmation number is sent to the number entered via SMS and an hour later the driver's name is sent with his personal phone number with the taxi number, so you know which car you should count on. This service is available in Jaipur, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur (24x7) and a maximum of five taxis can be booked at the same time.

Easy Rajasthan taxis

The website is easy to navigate and has a Meru-like interface with booking directly on the first page, so you can get straight to the point. The reservation can be made without an ID and, as with Rajasthan Cab, the data is saved in the system after the reservation has been made in such a way that the data does not have to be repeated. The booking process is quite simple and a confirmation email will also be sent with the usual text message with the name and number of the driver and the taxi number. There are also a number of specific instructions in case you need a lot of time (additional costs of 5 rupees per hour) or other requirements are listed here. The cars that are used most frequently by these services are the comfortable Mahindra Logans with spacious interiors and a large trunk suitable for most travel bags.


Reservations can be made 15 minutes in advance (subject to availability). For security reasons, however, a reservation of three hours in advance is recommended. For higher capacity requirements from Swift Dzire to Innova, additional options are available so that a lack of space is not a problem and the price remains the same. The rate for both vehicles from 10:00 PM (8:00 PM) to 6:00 AM (6:00 AM) is Rs. 18.75 compared to the normal price of Rs. 15 / -. This service is available in Delhi (NCR), Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra.

ToursandTaxi is a Hertz rental service for premium vehicles. There is also the SelectCabs option when you are in Jaipur. The next time you ask a friend for a favor or ask your family to leave you, remember that booking a taxi online is quite easy and very efficient.

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